More Big Money Fueling Social Anarchy

Plentiful amounts of organizational and foundation money is supporting movements like the BLM which are definitely not constructive and peaceful but rather seek to actively undermine America's social fabric by various means.  For Example

In case you missed this, The Ford Foundation has joined the ranks of deceit. More details on that in the following post.

Surely, these funding groups know what they are doing. Their actions are simply indicative of the true nature of the many elitists big money individuals and organizations who support de facto anarchy under the guise of philanthropy and social justice.

Organizations such as LGBTQ, Planned Parenthood, etc. as well as the push for Common Core, care not about the rights or education of their constituents. They use the mask of Social Justice to enact their true goal--the destruction of American culture in order to reach the endgame of "Global Governance".

There is a plethora of information on these supporters in many sources far too numerous to discuss here. An excellent run down can be found in Discover The Networks, which is a first-rate go-to source. The reader will be amazed at how tightly the web of treachery has been woven.

Ford Foundation Funds BLM-Endorsed Group
by Amber Randall

The Ford Foundation has created a fund in partnership with another organization that is dedicated to funding a group affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, according to recent reports.

The Ford Foundation, which is not affiliated to the Ford Motor Company, is investing in the Black-Led Movement Fund, reports Fortune. The Black-Led Movement Fund was created by the Ford Foundation in partnership with the Borealis Philanthropy, Movement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting.

According to its website, the Black-Led Movement Fund seeks to “support philanthropic and field-building activities that strengthen the next generation of social justice leaders.”

The Black Led-Movement Foundation provides money and other resources to organizations that are focused on “black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America.” 

The fund also tries to assist the Movement for Black Lives. The Black Lives Matter network endorsed the group’s latest platform and they fight for many of the same causes.

The Movement for Black Lives recently released a platform of demands it said would foster the “collective liberation” of the black community and minority groups. Some of its demands included reparations for slavery, economic justice and a call to “end the war on black people.”

The Ford Foundation has previously expressed its support for the Movement for Black Lives.

“We’ll provide long-term support to the Movement for Black Lives, so that these visionary leaders and organizations can continue to cultivate and maintain a movement of young black women and men who are pushing through established boundaries as they seek to realize the promise of equality and justice for all. That is what democracy needs to function—and it’s what the Movement for Black Lives is doing,” the foundation said on its website.

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Editor’s Note: This story connected Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation, which have been separated since 1976.

Source:   The Daily Caller

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