Well here we are almost 8 years after the "Master Of Disaster" The "MUSLIM PRINCESS BARRY" was Installed as our "PRISON WARDEN" what are your thoughts? If you are one of the "Brain-Less Creatures" that Identity yourself as LIBERAL, COMMUNIST, an IDIOT or MENTALLY ILL, are you Pleased ? Do you look Forward to your Ridiculous Sublime Life as a PARASITE.....A life full of Filth, Squalor, Ignorance, Hopelessness, Surrounded by Muslims that Hate you.....And if you happen to Caucasian will your SHAME of "White Privilege" drive you to SUICIDE ? Did you Learn any SKILLS the last 8 years? Did you Discover you were really a Woman in a Mans Body or a Man in a Woman's Body? Or it it your to damn confused because of everything to know, "What in the hell you really are?"....Have you acquired a new DRUG Dependency ? By that I mean do you Need a little Lift in the Morning to get you going ? Do you Need something to calm you down later ? Do you Need something to Sleep at Night?.....Do you find yourself Drinking a little more than you used too? Have you Found your Behavior more Compulsive, Driven to the point of Obsessions ? Do you have names for all of your Neurosis's ? Have you become a "LEARNED HYPOCHONDRIAC" or is the Apprenticeship still a Work In Progress?" 

Now that I have described the "New American Prototype" as best I can describe as "Comfortably Numb or Ignorant" what is your Future ? Do you even have a Future ? Or will just HAPPEN , yon know Just Because ? Now this is where I wish you were SMART Enough to answer Questions , that you aren't PROGRAMED to Answer? What Roll or Function will you PLAY in "HILLARY'S PRISON", oops I meant to say" HILLARY'S PLAYGROUND?"...Will you be held by the BONDAGE of a PAST that Never Existed ? That is do you buy the LIES you've been taught? Likely the Answer to that is "duh what lies!" I guess if you could answer that one I'd ask you this one; From Birth to this very Moment, have you ever had an "Original Thought Cross That Now Useless Brain Of Yours?" Don't bother answering that one.....I know it....

And If I could ask you another Question, if your only ROLL in this Life is being a USER or a PARASITE.....Why should this Government let you Live ? You don't Produce, you have no Skills, you have no Knowledge, you can't think, you can't reason & apparently all you have to Offer is your Bodily Functions.....So unless you are a SEX OBJECT what damn good are you to this Socialist Welfare State....I'd like an answer, but I can't seem to understand your Grunts & Moans because you've either got your Finger up your NOSE searching for your Brain I guess, or you apparently have another Finger up your.....well Never mind, this was just an exercise in Futility ...

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