While I'm not really Trying to go into or dwell o much on AMERICA'S history, but we did in fact have some very learned, smart, some devout, insightful, disciplined Visionaries as not only our Forefathers but as leaders throughout our history....We've seen Washington, Jefferson,Franklin, Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Payne, James Madison, Patrick Henry to name Few...And some Pretty damn Brave & Smart Military Leaders too ....Patton, Eisenhower, Pershing, MacArthur & I'm sure I've over looked MANY  that while not Perfect & still Flawed....Gave their All to Craft & Protect This Nation, once Proud & Freedom Loving we called AMERICA....And you can only Marvel at the Courage it took to Make that STAND & take the Battle to our Enemies.....They didn't do it for the MONEY, the GLORY, the LEGACY, the EGO or the NARCISSISM... They did it because it was the RIGHT Thing to do, for the Love of their Families, For the Love of their Friendships & Yes that EQUATES into LOVE of their Homeland..."AMERICA"

And then I look at Today's Leaders both Bush's, Carter, Clinton & OBAMA & all I can say is WTF happened...This Country has NOT had a Real Leader since Reagan left office & Carter was an IDIOT....Both Bush's were Globalist , tepid & weak (I voted for them , I can Bitch), the Clinton's were DOPERS, Corrupt with No MORALS Whatsoever...And how the Hell do you think we can describe OBAMA.....A Thin-Skinned Sociopath , Stupid, Lazy, no work ethic whatsoever, a Coward, a Pussy, Dangerous because of his Arrogance & Ignorance, a MUSLIM, a Racist, a Homosexual & the WORST President this Country has known.....And while FDR, Grant, Wilson , Carter & Johnson were Horrid, Despicable, inept or Corrupt...the Damage they did was Repaired, we Healed & we Moved on.....

That will not Happen If & When the MUSLIM Bitch leaves Washington....the damage is almost complete, its irrevocable....Hillary will Finish what Barry could not....She is a Mean Sadistical  Corrupt Bitch.....George Soros Rigged the last TWO Elections & he is Rigging this one.....He Owns Washington, the Liberal Media & he is UNTOUCHABLE  .....Let me introduce to "SATAN" himself.... There was once "A FEW GOOD MEN" but not in this government ...


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