There was a time in this nation
Where men were simply men
They believed in freedom

They believed it was God's plan

Some were merchants , some were tailors
Some were farmers with fields to sow
Some were fishers & others preachers
Yet they all walked this road

They all heard the cry of freedom
That came from the heart deep within
And then they looked down at their children
Then they turned to face the wind

They all shared a vision
And yes these were all men of faith
And they understood there would be battles
And that time was running late

They knew that truth & knowledge
Was the fight and God's call
And in the end it would yield the real love
The greatest bounty of them all

So these men built our nation
From the visions in their dreams
Their prayers gave us the blessings
Straight from God's eternal stream

With their legacy all around us
Have we preserved their truth & light
Do we truly understand now
The difference between wrong & right

Are the stage lights still shinning
Does our eagle forever fly
In my heart I feel an aching
And at times I want to cry

True fellowship is believing
Should not our hearts hear the call
We've seen Great men before us now
Will they see us rise or fall

We've been led into darkness
And its past time to correct our path
And to get a vision of where we're going
We need look & learn from our past

I believe there are still a few good men
And they know we've lost our way
The battle lines will soon be drawn
The "Battle Hymn" will start to play

There was a time worth remembering
There was a time worth the trial
There was a time, a place, a season
There was a time but it's been a while

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