The Patriots Daily Bites of American History,The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5:The love life of Raleigh #9





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5
The love life of Raleigh

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth Throckmorton, one of Queen Elizabeth’s ladies in waiting, were romantically involved which made the queen angry and eventually Raleigh took Elizabeth Throckmorton for his wife. Queen Elizabeth sent Raleigh to the towers for she was furious about the marriage. Eventually though, she did forgive him and released him and made him a very important statesman in the Queen’s service. After the Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 King James 1 came to the throne. 

He did not like Raleigh because of false rumors that Raleigh was going to overthrow him. So in 1603 Raleigh was sent again to the gloomy towers. Here he spent his time writing “The Unfinished History of the World”...”The Truth about the Isles of Azores (an island off the coast of North Carolina where the lost colony disappeared.) and other poetry. The city of Raleigh, North Carolina was named after Sir Walter Raleigh. 

It is the fourth largest city in North Carolina located in the central part of the State. It is an important trading center for the rich farmland surrounding the city and also an important center for manufacturing and education. The site on which the city of Raleigh was built was originally called Bloomsburg. It was chosen to be the State Capitol in 1788. Just as Columbus died without knowing what a great discovery he had made....even so did Raleigh who never set foot on the Eastern Coast of his Heart Land but went down in history to have the Capital City of Raleigh, North Carolina named in his honor. Raleigh was imprisoned in the towers in 1607 when Jamestown was founded.

His Pilgrimage By Sir Walter Raleigh (1554?–1618)

GIVE 1 me my scallop-shell 2 of quiet,
  My staff of faith to walk upon,
My scrip of joy, immortal diet,
  My bottle of salvation,
My gown of glory, hope’s true gage;
And thus I’ll take my pilgrimage.
Blood must be my body’s balmer;
  No other balm will there be given;
Whilst my soul, like quiet palmer, 3
  Travelleth towards the land of heaven;
Over the silver mountains,
Where spring the nectar fountains.
        There will I kiss
        The bowl of bliss;
And drink mine everlasting fill
Upon every milken hill. 4
My soul will be a-dry before;
But after it will thirst no more.
Then by that happy, blissful day,
  More peaceful pilgrims I shall see,
That have cast off their rags of clay,
  And walk apparelled fresh like me.
  I’ll take them first
  To quench their thirst
And taste of nectar suckets, 5  
  At those clear wells
  Where sweetness dwells,
Drawn up by saints in crystal buckets.
And when our bottles and all we
Are filled with immortality,    
Then the blessèd paths we’ll travel,
Strowed with rubies thick as gravel;
Ceilings of diamonds, sapphire floors,
High walls of coral and pearly bowers,
From thence to heaven’s bribeless hall,
Where no corrupted voices brawl;
No conscience molten into gold,
No forged accuser bought or sold,
No cause deferred, no vain-spent journey,
For there Christ is the king’s Attorney,     
Who pleads for all without degrees,
And he hath angels, 6 but no fees.
And when the grand twelve-million jury
Of our sins, with direful fury,
Against our souls black verdicts give,      
Christ pleads his death, and then we live.
Be thou my speaker, taintless pleader,
Unblotted lawyer, true proceeder!
Thou givest salvation even for alms;
Not with a bribèd lawyer’s palms.    
And this is mine eternal plea
To him that made heaven, earth, and sea,
That, since my flesh must die so soon,
And want a head to dine next noon,
Just at the stroke, when my veins start and spread,      
Set on my soul an everlasting head!
Then am I ready, like a palmer fit,
To tread those blest paths which before I writ.
Of death and judgment, heaven and hell,
Who oft doth think, must needs die well.

(to be continued)
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of History Series
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