Resettlement: It's All About Money

Chobani in Twin Falls Idaho
 As usual, Ann nails it!

How the Idaho story confirms what we have been saying for years: it is about MONEY!

Posted by Ann Corcoran:

And, it informs us about one reason why Donald Trump says the Chamber of Commerce is no friend of America! 

I had to laugh this morning as CNN talking heads were scratching theirs about why Trump would go after the Chamber of Commerce which they described as reliably Republican and conservative. No longer! The Chamber at the national level and in many cities and counties is being run by Democrats or Open Borders Republicans.

The most important points you need to know about what refugee resettlement is all about comes together in the wake of that awful sexual assault of a little girl in Twin Falls, Idaho by migrant boys (they still refuse to call them refugees). 

Local government officials lashed out at citizens who wanted answers because they needed to shut them up—why? Because this city is invested in Chobani Yogurt’s largest plant in the world which is in turn dependent on cheap refugee/immigrant labor (some call it slave labor!). 

Chobani brags that it built this massive $450 millon plant in 326 days. I would like to know if any shortcuts were granted by officials at all levels of govt. who surely had to approve the project on environmental grounds.
By suggesting that a large refugee population may not be good for your town, you ruin their carefully crafted narrative.

Refugee resettlement is about MONEY and power and to hell with whether it changes the social, economic and cultural makeup of your home town or threatens your security. So-called humanitarian compassion is the cover for a lot of very dirty business.

Calling you hateful or racist is how they shut up anyone who dares to look more deeply into the scheme that includes foreign interests (many of the big meat packers drawing refugee labor are foreign owned!), the UN, the US State Department, Dems looking for voters and everyone involved, including the so-called ‘religious charities, looking to line their pockets while telling themselves they are doing God’s work!

In another Hohmann/WND investigation on the situation there we learn that the Mayor of Twin Falls, who gave a sanctimonious speech when citizens became emotionally enraged by the bits of the story that were leaking out about the sexual assault of the little girl (were the accused boys’ family members working at Chobani, that is what I would like to know!), is also the President of the Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in bringing the massive Chobani Yogurt plant to the city.

We have previously told you about Chobani, and that its CEO and founder Hamdi Ulukaya, is from Turkey. Yesterday, he responded to Obama’s call for large corporations to hire more refugees with a ‘yes sir’ happy to do it! See that news, here.

Now, here is what Hohmann learned (read this story, recognize the pattern!): 

WND has learned that Barigar was instrumental in recruiting Chobani to Twin Falls back in 2011, and he now plays a dual role of elected official and president/CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Barigar, a Democrat, has been in leadership roles with the Chamber for 11 years. During that time he has also served two stints on the city council, with a gap between January 2008 and January 2012 in which he was not part of the city government.

It was during that gap, but while he was running for office in 2011, that he was busy working to lure Chobani to Twin Falls.

“I was a member of the recruitment team that recruited Chobani to Twin Falls in 2011,” Barigar told WND in a phone interview Thursday.
Read the whole thing, see the pattern as clear as I’ve ever seen it, and look for this happening in your town! Citizens of Rutland, VT, Missoula, MT, Asheville, NC, Reno, NV, Charleston, WV, etc. read this.

People ask me all the time what they should do, and frankly after doing your homework and getting your facts (including info. on campaign contributions), you are going to have to work to remove elected officials who are working to change America by changing the people and are worshiping the all-mighty dollar while they do it!

Endnote: When I looked at that photo and reflected on the speed with which this plant was built, I’m thinking someone with an investigative bent could write a book about this whole project, how it came to be, and how it has changed the town of Twin Falls forever. You can visit our Twin Falls archive, here, to start your research. Be sure to see this older post here at RRW about the expanding mosque there (who is paying for it?).

Source:  Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ordinarily I would agree, However in this case, money is just scratching the surface of the agenda being shoved down our throats by the Federal, State and Local governments. Globalism is alive and well in the United States, Open borders, trade agreements, gun control, multiculturalism and one world religion all are part of the agenda. The resettlement is part of all of this, Money is just a small part of it. Control is the agenda. The more refugees and illegal immigrants they allow into our country, the higher crime rates rise. 

The more gang activities that are allowed to go unchecked, the higher crime rates skyrocket, while none of these folks can legally buy a weapon, they seem to have them readily available all the time. Gun laws don't apply to criminals, But our government seems to shove new gun laws down law abiding citizens throats. Gun control is the agenda, they can't oppress a free people when those free people are armed. So how do they do it? They create the problem, they take in more and more of these refugees, they take in more and more illegal aliens from countries where violence is a common everyday way of life, they bring it here and then tell us if we had stronger gun laws, we wouldn't have this problem. 

Well I work in a gun shop from time to time just helping out when needed and I have never seen an illegal come in to buy a gun over the counter. I have not had one refugee come in and try and buy a gun, they can't. That being said, they manage to gain access to their weapons of choice from somewhere. Gang Members manage to get guns, most gang members are repeat offenders, felons with criminal records, but they aren't deterred with the fact that they can't buy a gun. It's all about control, the government allows this so they can create the chaos needed to farther their agenda. 

Total disarmament is the end game. Disarm the people and they can impose their higher taxes, they can bring in globalism, no borders and push their trade agreements on us without any resistance. We have to start looking at the big picture. We have to look at what's happening around the world to see what;s really happening here in the U.S. They have to disarm us and make it look like it was our idea. The government has indoctrinated our children over the last 40 years so well that achieving their goals is now within reach. We the people have allowed this and now our country is going down in flames. 

The Government made God a bad name in schools and other public places, The Government has made speaking your mind in public a bad thing, Our government has shoved Political Correctness down our throats by creating mind numbing robots out of our children. By teaching their agenda in our schools to our kids from Kindergarten through College, our kids can no longer think for themselves. It's all part of the global agenda. All of this was outlined in Agenda 21. Agenda 21 was the Global Agenda for the 21st Century. Americans refused to be disarmed which slowed Agenda 21 down just a bit, and the world leaders went back to the drawing board and came up with what is now known as Global Agenda 2030. Global Agenda 2030 is the real reason we have the immigration and refugee problem, It's the real reason we have the crime problem, It's the real reason this administration created the race problem. It's all been done to create the Chaos and it's only going to get worse. 

The government will insure things get worse so the people will beg the government to fix it. The people will actually beg the government for a solution. The people will actually beg and agree to be disarmed before this is all over. Then the governmental abuse will really begin. Then the government will be able to go unchecked by the people and the people will have no way to fight back. It is time for the American people to wake up and understand the end game. Game Over unless We The People wake up and wake up now...

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