Just What Is The Elitist GOP Crybaby Endgame

As an American, I've always been embarrassed for the Democrat Party leadership over the intolerant, fascist, and increasingly oppressive "Politically Correct" stance it has embraced over the years. Their leanings have been quite obvious for decades.

As for the GOP, its insiders reaction to Trump's victory has been illuminating to the point where they have now been clearly outed for the Globalist elites that they have been for decades. They are now officially on my shamed list, well they have been for a while.

Their current mission has been made quite clear. Destroy Trump at any cost, disregard the will of the people, and continue their full collusion with the Democrats so as to maintain their own power.

Yes indeed, the insiders of both parties have been holding each other's hands and skipping merrily through the daisies sing tra la la la la.

During the primary, we heard the GOP big wigs yammering about "Conservative Principles"---which is a veil of lies, and a majority of the GOP voters clearly saw through it. The so called Congressional Conservative leadership gave this administration everything it asked for. Yes, they did send some Bills to the president's desk which he vetoed, as expected. But they caved on so much more.

The non-elitist congressmen that the voters sent to counter the golden one were out numbered and frequently excoriated. The establishment always seemed to win.

Trump, whether or not one likes him, has touched upon a collective nerve of the electorate, including many Democrats as well as Republicans who "get it." Our so called "leaders" are not working for us, and "we the people" seem to be expendable.

Trump beat the Elitist system and won the nomination. Now the "insiders" are still trying to bring about his defeat no matter what the cost. There are rumors that Jeb Bush may be endorsing Libertarian Johnson.
"Former Governor of Florida, and defeated candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, has been flirting with the idea of getting behind the Johnson/Weld ticket for a bit now. Seeing as how his disdain for Trump would heavily effect his willingness to vote him into office, it wouldn't be too farfetched to think he'd turn his attention to the next best thing."
According to Politico, Bush and Johnson have had conversations which, according to Johnson, were initiated by Bush himself."
A fine Conservative GOP leader Bush is proving himself to be. He is not alone. Here are some prominent Republicans not endorsing Trump. This is only a partial list, but it says much as to who is and who is not an insider.

Meanwhile, Johnson's Donations are surging past set goals

"Johnson and Weld is currently trying to achieve the 15% approval needed to reach the debate stage with Clinton and Trump. With recent events, and this surge of cash in the Libertarian coffers, Johnson may have the necessary tools to make sure he gets his own podium.

Currently, he sits at 13%. Should Johnson reach the percentage goal, it may spell a good number of stolen votes from the wildly unpopular Democratic and Republican candidates."
 DNC Corruption Exposed reveals some interesting tidbits as to why Democrat voters are angry with their party. Bernie, whether or not you agree with his policies, was correct when he said 'the system is rigged".
"On Friday, the website Wikileaks posted over 19,000 emails that were taken from the Democratic National Committee that show manipulation and collusion with the MSM, internal attempts to sabotage Bernie Sanders during the primary, and a whole lot more."
If Johnson does get on all the state ballots, he may well pull as many votes from Hillary as from Trump.

Truthfully, Johnson's rise is not necessarily a bad thing. However on the issues he has some serious differences with the so called rock hard Conservatives, who have yet to accept that many of their views are not mainstream.

Do the GOP "Never Trump" elites really care about rescuing their Conservative principles from the the perceived shark like jaws of an outcast non-Conservative? If so, how could they possibly support a Libertarian who is quite liberal on the very social issues they hold so dear.

Something about the entire Elitist Rebellion neither adds up nor passes the smell test. It would appear as though if Hillary wins, they win, if she loses, they lose. Many perceive that her win by hook or crook is the true endgame  so that Obama can have a de facto third term, and all insiders can continue to profit at the expense of the citizenry.

Toss the will of the people and the future of this nation overboard.  Personal aggrandizement uber alles. 

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