Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 7/03/16

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Summer 2016 

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The York County Republican Committee has asked all the 4th congressional district delegate candidates a series of questions and below are their answers of how they intend to vote and how a contested convention affects their decisions. Greg Rothman, Silver Springs, Cumberland County:

Will vote the same as contested convention on first ballot.  Charlie Gerow. Hampden Township, Cumberland County: 

If a candidate wins majority will vote for that candidate . In a contested convention will vote for that candidate who will best defeat Hillary clinton. Marilyn Gillespie of Springfield Township, York County will vote Ted Cruz and vote the same in a contested convention.

Edwin Matthias, Hampton, Cumberland County will vote Ted Cruz and if the convention is not contested will vote for the person who has reached the threshold.  Elisabeth Hower of Huntington, Adams County will vote for the winner of the PA Primary and the same in a contested convention.  Stanley Saylor, Windsor Township, York County will vote for York County winner on first ballot. 

Alexander Shorb, York City, York County on a second ballot will take into consideration various factors.  Scott Burford, Springettsbury Township, York County will vote for winner of PA Primary and same in contested convention. 

Matthew Jansen, North Codorus, York county will vote Trump and same in contested convention.  Andrew ritter Jr. of Lower Allen Cumberland County on a second ballot will focus squarely on nominating the individual, be them in the race now or not, who is best for the country and our party for generations to come and shares our Constitutional and conservative values.

Mark a Scaring of Camp Hill Borough, cumberland County will vote Trump  Joe Sacco of Shrewsbury Borough, York County will vote Trump and same in contested convention. 

And there you have it.


A LETTER FROM Michael Hutton:

Local Police Reform The goal of this organization is, simply put, to see the American People restored as the central authority in American Government at all levels and to see Patriotism and commitment to the ideals of the Founder’s Constitution restored in the American consciousness. 

In order for the People to govern the People must be properly informed and engaged. And so it is another basic effort of AUAT to provide facts and the truth about what is happening in America. We are using the network we are building which includes people in all levels of government and patriots working in myriad ways all over America to become a source of reliable information.

We are committed to being a service facility to the American Patriot community because we believe that it is up to all of us in that community to lead America back from the edge of calamity. AUAT files.

Pearl Leona Sturgis

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