Trouble: EU member states have serious differences

All is not well in the EU zone of la la land. A German domination of the EU parliament by Merkel and her cohorts is raising alarm bells.

Dreams of a united utopian Europe are being shattered by internal political differences as well by the effects of the Muslim invasion disguised as migration of refugees.


Cracks are appearing over the migration issue as well as demands for a modicum of assimilation in the workplace.

Should the EU break up, what would be the impact on non EU economies like Canada and The U.S.

GERMANY has been accused of orchestrating a takeover of the EU by planning a takeover of a number of key roles.

Worried Eurocrats have warned politicians now “need to be German and a socialist” to gain a position of power within the organisation - which has also been described as an “insult to diversity.”
The concerns were raised after sources revealed the German president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz is pushing for longtime aide and fellow German Markus Winkler to become deputy secretary general.
This comes at a time when Klaus Welle is already the institution’s top civil servant, while the European People’s Party, which is the parliament’s biggest group, is run by Manfred Weber.He also wants to parachute several other German officials into the Parliament’s administration. More
Not only are the difficulties internal, but the entire cultural diversity meme is becoming increasingly under attack by those who choose not to comply.

Stop dreaming of integrated EU utopia, says Tusk

More integration is not the answer to the current crises faced by Europe, EU Council president Donald Tusk has warned.

He said on Monday European politicians were “confronting reality with all kinds of utopian ideas”.

“A utopia of Europe without nation states, a utopia of Europe without conflicting interests and ambitions, a utopia of Europe imposing its own values on the external world, a utopia of a Euro-Asian unity," he told an event marking the 40th anniversary of the conservative European People's Party (EPP) in Luxembourg...

"Obsessed with the idea of instant and total integration, we failed to notice that ordinary people, the citizens of Europe do not share our Euro-enthusiasm," Tusk said.

"Disillusioned with the great visions of the future, they demand that we cope with the present reality better than we have been doing until now."...

"We will either understand that the views of [German chancellor] Angela [Merkel] and [Hungarian prime minister] Viktor [Orban] are compatible with each other and only together can they provide a full answer, or people will search for other radical and brutal recipes for how to solve the crisis," he told fellow EPP members.

Merkel has been struggling to stick to her welcoming policy towards asylum seekers in the face of growing criticism. Orban has been calling for reinforced external border protection and has built a fence to keep migrants out. More
Cracks are beginning to appear regarding tolerance of multiculturalism. 
EU firms free to ban Muslim headscarves, jurist says

Companies in the EU can ban Muslim employees from wearing headscarves to work, a senior jurist has said in a case involving British security firm G4S.

The headscarf ban “may … be justified in order to enforce a legitimate policy of religious and ideological neutrality pursued by the employer”, Juliane Kokott, a German advocate general at the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg, said in a statement on Tuesday (31 May).

She said the ban must be based on “a general company rule” on religious symbols of any type and must be “proportional”...

The case arose when G4S fired Samira Achbita, a Muslim receptionist at one of its offices in Belgium, because she refused to come to work without her scarf...

But judges ruled against her on two occasions. Her appeal is currently being heard by Belgium’s Court of Cassation, which asked the EU court for a “clarification” before issuing its final ruling.

Kokott said ...“freedom of religion is one of the cornerstones of a democratic society”, but that people “may be expected to moderate the exercise of [their] religion in the workplace”. More
 A UK-EU divorce splits opinion The bigger concern with Brexit, according to Mr Porter, is what happens if other European countries also want to drop out of the EU.

“It might act as an invitation for others economic in Europe to leave … that could have more troubling implications," he says, in particular if they try to break up the euro currency.

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