The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 13, Volume 4:Biography of William Tyndale 1485? -1536





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 13, Volume 4

AKJV Preface 1875 Jackson. Biography of William Tyndale: 1485?-1536 

William Tyndale, in his time, was known as the Chief of English Reformers. In the early 1500s Tyndale left Oxford University for Cambridge. He left Cambridge in 1520 and returned to Gloucestershire, his home town. The abuse of the church leaders and the ignorance of its ministers were never more extreme than in this time period. Tyndale’s bold rebuke of the church authorities made him extremely unpopular. He was secretly charged of holding heretical opinions against the church and was summoned to appear before the Bishops who reproved him severely. Tyndale then left for London.

In London he hoped to fulfill a desire which had long been in his heart. Wycliffe’s early edition of the Bible had become obsolete and Tyndale knew the Bible was a sealed book to the people and the clergy consulting their own interests strove to keep it so. Tyndale’s desire to translate the New Testament into English from the original Greek Tyndale’s own words...”NOT ONLY NO ROOM IN THE PALACES OF THE LORDS, BUT THERE WAS NO ROOM TO TRANSLATE THE BIBLE IN ALL OF LONDON!” 

In May of 1525 Tyndale was ordered to stop printing his translation in Cologne, Germany so he fled to Worms, Germany (a Lutheran City) where he finished the printing.

 It is Written:

In the volume of the Book it is Written. It is written in the Word of God. I delight to do His will...for the prophesy’s fulfilled. It is written in the Word of God. By God’s mercy and His Grace it is written. It is written in the Word of God. He provides the Cleansing Flood. We are saved through His Own Blood. It is written in the Word of God. In these days of trying times it is written. It is written in the word of God. It is finished. It is done. God has spoken through His Son. It is written in the Word of God.

(to be continued)
    Tyndale’s prohibition of his translation under threat of “excommunication.” 
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