The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 24, Volume 4: Biography of King James





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History, The Protestant Reformation Series 24, Volume 4
AKJV Preface 1875 Jackson. Biography of King James:

 1566-1625 Quotes by Peter Young, his second tutor, and “Making of a King” Carol Bingham page 33, and 54.

What manner of king should I wish for if God would grant my prayer? In chief, I would want a lover of true piety. He must be merciful, love peace, but ever be ready for war; neither a miser or a spend thrift for each works equal harm to his people. It was important to the Protestant lords that Prince James should be an example for Protestant Princes; a sort of advertizer for the Reformers. World Book encyclopedia 1948, page 736 describes the characteristics of Protestantism.

“There are certain features that characterize all protestants. They accept the Bible as the final and reliable source of information about God and the Salvation of man. Protestants prefer the Bible rather than church authority as the final rule of faith because they believe it is closer than anything else to the original events in the Life of Jesus Christ. Protestants believe that each person should rely on his own judgement in religious matters. In accepting the Bible as the authority for his beliefs the protestant sets himself up as judge and interpreter of the Bible. Here is a partial quote of the actual letter the pilgrims received allowing them permission from King James to colonize in America.

“ September 12, 1617, After my Hearty Salutation, The agents of your congregation, Robert Cushman and John Carver, have been in communication of His Majesty’s council for Virginia and by writing seven articles subscribed by your name has given them that said decree of satisfaction which has carried on with a resolution that may be for your own and for the public’s good. For the protection and Blessings of the Highest God, (signed as) Your Friend, Edward Sandys.
(to be continued)
  Mayflower Compact:

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of History Series
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