I honestly think AMERICA has in fact PASSED the proverbial "TIPPING POINT" ...the INSANITY has just about spread Coast to Coast & Border to Border.....I suppose there are some POCKETS of RESISTANCE , but really now the Practical REALITY is that AMERICA is in fact a 'FAILED STATE"....Bankrupt both Morally & Physically....Directionless unless DOWN is considered a Direction...Delusional to the Point you can't even  have a RATIONAL Conversation with anyone (other than yourself) without Offending them or pissing them off....Hell I guess Fines will come Next....It'll just be sold as a "OUR SINS OF THE PAST TAX"....And HONEST TO GOD I saw an article where some IDIOT (likely White) is PROPOSING a WHITE (Caucasian)  tax....WTF is that because of my ELITE STATUS...I don't know WTF they're smoking....I don't live in a Mansion, Drive a Bentley, BMW or even a Lincoln....I still have a MORTGAGE, I'm surrounded by debt up to my ass....I don't DRINK Booze, Smoke Weed , Tobacco or Cocaine (like BARRY)...I drive a FORD TRUCK with over 100,000 miles on it....I have been Privileged & Honored to be AUDITED by the IRS.....Damn this kind of Prosperity I can LIVE without ....All I can say is "YOU HAVE A LOT OF DAMN GALL & NERVE"  to call my lifestyle one of Privilege....You & your Racist Audacity can leave the ROOM life and my direction happy or not is NOT...let me say that word again NOT CONTINGENT on your Worthless Meaningless Clueless APPROVAL...

Allow me to say this, I am sick of this damn BLAME GAME....You make the BED you Sleep In.....Who Gave you the RIGHT to JUDGE ME? Really now look at the False Idols or Messiahs people (if that's what the hell they are) look up to.....When did NARCISSISM become a Healthy, Desirable TRAIT? When did GREED become Good.?...And to use an old line when did "Ignorance Is Bliss" become a practical reality ? When did it become WRONG to let Boy be Boys or Girls be Girls? When did MUSLIM SUICIDE BOMBERS become misunderstood, unloved products of White Racism & Global Warming? When did it become "Against The Law" for me or anyone to have a CONTRARIAN Opinion....Oh I guess I now need a PERMIT for that....When did GOVERNMENT become our GOD? WHY? I sure as hell don't need this useless corrupt lawless Frankenstein Monster we call Government to EXIST....Hell without them WE just might Find that LIFE actually is WORTH LIVING....There still is Love in this World, that is besides SELF-LOVE ....WE might Discover they are REAL Truths that serve as Guide Posts for our LESSONS....We might Discover hat Responsibility is actually a very GOOD Thing....Some call it Pride, but in the end via the lessons, the trials & the Knowledge o wisdom....I call it BELIEVING.....This DAMN Government can't Regulate Happiness & Purpose, but they sure as hell can Regulate ...MISERY, HATE, SPITE & JEALOUSY that they use to destroy all that was good....

There is NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER about this is now just a tool for SATANIC SACRIFICE...."OURS"....IMO this Government in Washington DC serves the same master that Hitler , Stalin, Mussolini or any other Third World Dictator does...Governments started every WAR this UNIVERSE has witnessed...We are now to Stupid to see what's happening to America & to Fearful  to stop it....They will KILL all of us before its said & done....They don't care....all they need is a few slaves to work in their King-dome....the rest of us are expendable....

Before I part I wish to say hello & acknowledge Homeland Security, the Justice Dept, the FBI & the United Nation BUREAUCRATS that will read this & make another damn File for a Right Wing wit I say....good day & I'll see you in hell....THE NEW AMERICA, IS  A FAILED STATE ...IT ALSO FAILED ITS PEOPLE..

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