It was Charles Darwin I believe that came up with the HYPOTHESIS, that only the strong survive....Well as I look around the Room at the empty clueless faces that apparently have little to no souls left in them, I have to QUESTION that.....Is this Surviving or is this existing & if it's the latter...WHAT FOR & WHY ?...Ask yourself this simplistic question, why are we here? What is our Purpose? Where are we going? What are we evolving or morphing into? You know LIFE is a gift & if you believe in a GOD, he bestowed us with that Precious Gift that includes Love, Family & Friends....He also Gave us a few perks or treasures too ...Because we were once children we were curious,we became seekers & yes at times mischievous....We learned that if we LISTENED to the wind, Observed the Stars, the Heavens & our inner souls that there was a Spirit there was  seeker that constantly Searched for Knowledge, the Truth or Life's Bounties.....Sometimes its the LITTLE Things that make it Special....the simple things that spur & spawn a grin, a laugh, a tear of joy....Things like a Child or a Puppy Playing, a Song, a Book, a Story or even an OLD Movie... That WORLD is EXTINCT ......WHAT HAPPENED? ....
The Fairy-tale has now ended, the show is all but over....The Roadies, the Stage Hands are packing up the Props, the Scripts & now soon the Janitors will come in and SWEEP the floors, take out the Trash & they will all go home....Home to their assigned "Cubical" or Zone where they are allowed to Watch another Speech from their Emperor, their Dictator & at least a few Hours of PROGRAMING lined with Subliminal Messages....Where does this all lead or go to? Again I ask why were you , your family & your friends Brought into this world?....

As I recall it was Charles Darwin that came up with the ,"Theory Of Evolution".....But did we evolve & into what? Or was it we were TRAINED? I hate to be Crude, but like a CIRCUS ACT....Is this really just an elaborate,"DANCING BEAR ACT?".......Have we just simply become Entertainment , Pomp, Fodder, Amusement and now a JOKE for the RULING CLASS of Elite's in this World? It would seem so to me...They see themselves as GODS , they portray themselves as GODS....Yet they act like GREEDY little Parasites fighting over the LAST DROP of Blood,....And now being the good Trained Monkey, Servant, Pawn or SLAVE we without QUESTION Comply with their every wish, command and desire.....  Their LUST for POWER & our Appetite for APATHY & now SUICIDE has brought us all here....Whistleblower Says He Could Have Prevented CA Attack If Gov't Didn't Cut... via @YouTube

Everything this GOVERNMENT does is contrived , scripted & staged.....That includes the MUSLIMS, the Anarchy, the Chaos & the FAUX WARS.....They know that this all produces FEAR, HATE, RESENTMENT & DIVIDE...That's how they CONTROL us....They know full well what the MUSLIMS are doing...They DON'T Care....The ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.....BTW you can forget the DOG & PONY SHOW Election...Cruz, Trump....The Job is HILLARY'S.... She like all the rest of the 537 in Washington made a Pact with the DEVIL himself SOROS....She will finish us will be painful too...She is a Sadistic Bitch...We are past the TIPPING point...There is no return to PARADISE least one is willing to take a stand.. 

So Listen Children & Listen Well & Do As You Are Commanded...JUST,FOLLOW THE RED BOUNCING is OVER....AMERICA IS BRAIN-DEAD....DOA

As FOR ME, WELL.....The Cleaning Lady who is also My Nurse has come in to PULL MY PLUG....My allotted time is OVER , FINIS or EXIT.....

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