If we expect Children to Play, Teachers to Teach, Preachers to Preach & Old Men to act like Boys, then Seriously what does a Politician do.... REALLY ?  Do they Fix, do they Build, do the Plan, Can they See into the Future, are they Leaders (really), are they our Generals are they even the Keepers Of The Fire?  We seem to hold these People (?) to Standards (LOW ONES) that we don't hold ourselves to... We seemingly set them up on a Pedestal and allow them to do what they wish...."Carte Blanche"...

Think about it a minute though , what are they Really Good For? Or Good at? Well they are almost the PERFECT "Prototype" Thief....They are essentially "Pathological Liars" and yet while many of us UNDERSTAND or see that as a "Oxymoron" we turn our eyes& look the other way while they are ,"TAKING US TO THE CLEANERS".....And then as if to Congratulate them for a "JOB WELL DONE" we Elect {?} them to Office (why isn't it prison) time & time again ....Why? Is it that we FEAR they will hurt us, kill us, steal all that we have left or what?  What happened to our PRIDE?....What happened to our Conscious ? Did we take 30 Pieces of Gold like JUDAS? Has this Culture fallen so far down that we ENJOY being Bulled? Then why are we Electing SADISTIC Satanic Thieves & Cons to RUN or RUIN our lives, our Country & Control what Little FUTURE we have...IS THERE SOMETHING THAT I'M MISSING HERE? No Comprende ...this does not COMPUTE....that is unless you are "terminally Stupid," 'Brain-Washed,""On The Take" or LIVE in perpetual fear of this Government ?

The FEW Knowledgeable People in this COUNTRY that buy into the FEAR GAME are living as if you were the JEWISH People HITLER took to their DEATH in WWII Germany ....While I understand the FEAR, isn't it time we NIPPED it in the BUD & Cut our losses.....If they are going to KILL us all in the end for not COMPLYING ...Then why sit here and DO, "Nothing At All" ....Is DEATH Sweeter by living a live like a Paranoid Zombie? I don't Think so? Why do we sit here and wait on the EXECUTIONER to come to our cell & take us away? Again , why do we do NOTHING....

Let me ask you one QUESTION; Do you honestly think this ship can be TURNED around in ONE Election....Really all you can really hope of pray for is that is BUYS a little time....And that has NO Guarantees....Because CHANGE comes very SLOWLY other than a Coup d' etat ....There are up to 527 self-serving, self-righteous Parasites controlling your EVERY Breath, Prayer & Dream (nightmare) in Washington DC....The Water is TOXIC & Filled with Snakes & Sharks.....So Waiting does what? Guarantees our Death, victory for the Rothschild/Soros NEW WORLD ORDER boys? SO..WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR US LATELY? .....IMO inched us closer to death...  

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