Daily Bits...Check out your Reps:This Month York County,Pa 5/02/16

Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, winter 2016 

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May... Property Tax Reform Update: Winter 2016:

In May I rallied a strong bipartisan majority in the House to pass House Bill 504, a comprehensive property tax reform measure which I authored that would provide 4.9 billion in property tax relief State Wide...and contains strong mechanisms to prevent school boards from hiking taxes back up in the future. Yet, that legislation is languishing in the senate. The legislation is a dollar for dollar tax shift that would dramatically cut property taxes FOR ALL PENNSYLVANIA PROPERTY OWNERS AND NOT JUST A SELECT FEW!

The measure House Bill 504, also has a built in mechanism to ensure the tax cuts would stay in place and suppress school district property tax increase in the future. I commend the senate for holding a vote on senate Bill 76 to completely eliminate property taxes but that vote did fall one senate vote short of passing. We need to continue to press forward on property tax reform. Whether it is House Bill 504 or Senate Bill 76, both are acceptable to me. but something must be done! Property tax reform must be put back on the table as part of any budget negotiations and change in the sales or income tax rate must be a dollar for dollar reduction of property taxes and not increase spending. (unquote Rep Saylor)

I suggest we investigate who did not vote for property tax reform in the senate. Since only one more senator would have voted and the bill would have passed....All who did not vote should not be re elected.

You may contact Governor Wolf at 717 787 2500. You can also send a letter to Governor’s Correspondence Office, 508 Main Capitol Bldg., Harrisburg, PA 17120

Pearl Leona Sturgis

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