AMERICAN PATRIOTS SERIES-42 :America's philosophy 101

 This Is a ongoing series of Letters,Essays,and Opinions that you my Patriotic friends want to share with your friends and countrymen .This is your Last Stand my friends.

Where freedom of speech is not stifled,
Freedom of Speech is Celebrated, not 
Condemned !!!

What is a true and genuine American Patriot; what are the components?

"I believe that a very important component is holding onto the values that have been passed onto us by the patriots that have gone before us. Some of those values are faith, family, freedom, sanctity of life from conception to natural death with the inherent dignity and value of every human being being acknowledged and respected, hard work and earning a place/position in society, helping our neighbors, personally supporting those in real need and living out all these values out in our daily lives. 

An American patriot would deeply love our country and faithfully participate in the political process, which requires study to become knowledgeable and well-informed to make the best choices that conform to our constitutional boundaries. Holding to the standards established by the Declaration and Constitution is a really important part of it because our identity as a people and nation ...was formed and developed from them. All of our American values were birthed from our Biblical foundation which permeated all aspects of society from the education and the arts to law and government, reaching from the lowest economic places to the highest levels of achievement and everything in between.

It was the air we all breathed and it made this country so different from all other places and it bound us together as a people. We might be rich, we might be poor, but achievement in any area of life by anyone was celebrated and served to show others that it could be done. We were unashamed to have heroes, to read about them, tell their stories, and learn from their lives. And for many years so many patriots were birthed out of this American soil, decent, strong, brave and true patriots who sacrificially served out of love and duty."
We're all grateful for the patriots we've been privileged to know.

"The Cowboy Philosopher"

Will Rogers was born in Oologah, Oklahoma, on November 4, 1879.
America's philosophy 101

Good Morning folks, 

when I was a young boy, and a young man growing up in America, I worked with my hands, I worked as a mechanic, and in construction, I worked as a maintenance man running buildings in a large city, I learned the American philosophy from people before me, and this is what it is.

I was told if you're going to do something do it right, do it right the first time or don't do it at all ! it takes just as much time to do it wrong as it takes to do it right, this was the American philosophy that I grew up with.
We didn't build things to fail, it's quite obvious that the second world war show the world that America was the best manufacturing base and the best quality that engineering could buy.

The American people didn't buy tools from Japan or China, because they broke in our hands, so we purchased tools from companies like Sears and craftsman or snap on, companies that stood behind their products and that's why these companies were so successful, but the foreign countries knew this, so they paid off our politicians, to plant businesses to undermine our quality of products in this country, like Kmart and Walmart, so the providers of communist products in United States of America, and this was designed to put our master mechanics and engineers out of business, to make us dependent on inferior products.
Getting back on topic, American people didn't buy things that were known to break down, the American people didn't fix things that didn't stay fixed, but the government changed all that, they allowed shady workmanship craftsmanship into our country, to use political financial warfare to destroy and shut down our factories, to put our senior mechanic out of the workforce so they could not train the younger generations with that technology and knowledge That they had acquired in their lifetime, the fabrics that built this great nation.

When the American people built something, when I was a kid growing up it was built right, it was built strong and dependable because that showed the world what kind of people we were !.

But the government changed all that, now we buy cars that may last 10 years , and of course they had us traded some good old metal in, the old cash for clunkers deal, only to be replaced with stuff that can't be fixed or worked on without having a $10,000 of computer equipment !

Americans used to take pride in their work, we used to build cars boats planes trains and each generation of these vehicles or equipment used to get better, but not anymore, the corporations and companies that builds things that the American citizens need, have build in design flaws, build in limits of life expectancy of the product ! 

What happened to America's philosophy build it right the first time, what happened was the Communist Party took over this country, and it didn't happen a Couple of years ago, it started 100 years ago, the American people's philosophy was that of thinkers, our founding fathers were some of the most intelligent men in history of the human race, they were all inventors, farmers engineers, spoke many languages, now our thinkers are being prosecuted, being silenced, being jailed, being assassinated.

If you want a better America, then we need to build a better America, and it starts in your own backyard, in your own community, local politicians and the courts on the local levels have been compromised, until we the average citizen get involved in the local level, this country will never go back to the way that it was !!!.

You may think to yourself , that I am not smart enough to run for office, maybe we don't need someone smarter, maybe we need someone who's honest and cares about fellow citizens, maybe that's where we need to start, because apparently we have a lot of smart people in government and they have designed all of these wrongs, and they do not wish to make them right, so it's not about being smart, It's about being good and honest and knowing what has to be done to fix the problems, because everyone in America knows you would not build something to fail, so why would we let our government failed US !!! 

         Bill Sharpe 


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