Voter fraud exposed!

This shows exactly how votes are stolen in The ELECTIONS!…..

PLEASE for your own sake, take a look, this video is short and to the point……. 

Election officials are very upset! 

Get ready NEW YORK the vote machine HACK is on you next. One machine in every prescient to flip your votes from Trump to Cruz. GOP will stop at nothing to not lose their greedy hold on America including having Hillary as President. The world banking Cartel does not care. That's who runs things along with CNN,FOX and the other 3 JEWS. Proof of the vote machine hacks. This is not the first election. 

The American voter is lazy and will not research this info or their candidate. They suck on the tit of CNN & FOX for their 15 minutes of prime time news each night. They deserve what they have coming. A one world Government! and their tax dollars robbed from them. To all you dumb ass women out there, your picking a President, not a boyfriend or husband. Cruz is everything you hate about Washington the last 30 years, AIPAC, they own him. PNAC, his wife was on the board, Goldman Sachs owns him. 

As in the Rothschild's dumb ass's. He wants open borders. that means no Mexican or Canadian borders in 15 years. The North American Union,
Mainstream Media Does Not And Will Not Show You The Truth. The 3 pronged pitch Fork From Hell!

Media....Finance.....Political.....Now be a good little Voter and do as your told and believe as your told. ....Media....Finance.....Political... Republican GOP fraud. FOX,CNN,MSNBC, CBS,ABC

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