UN Looks For “Alternative” Ways to Put Syrians in U.S.

One world, under the UN, with tyranny and injustice for all.
Here is just another globalist knife in the back of our national sovereignty under the auspices of the United Dictatorships er, United Nations.
The globalists will never cease their War On Freedom. One world governance is the goal and they have many avenues of attack to get there. One small or not so small victory at a time is being achieved.
For an extensive discussion and breakdown of their modus operandi towards the endgame go here.

By shawn: 

Frustrated by opposition to Syrian refugees from state governors and a Republican-controlled Congress, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is looking at ways they might put these refugees in the U.S. without running afoul of those pesky conservatives. According to a bombshell report from the Center for Immigration Studies, anyone who believes that Syrian refugees represent a national security threat should be alarmed.

“The legitimacy and transparency of these new ‘alternative pathways,’ aimed at admitting increasing numbers of Syrian refugees into the United States without calling them ‘refugees,’ remain to be seen,” wrote CIS researcher Nayla Rush. “They might even amount to convenient admissions detours at a time when the U.S. refugee resettlement program is under tight scrutiny.”

According to Rush, pro-resettlement UN advisers have suggested such strategies as: Getting universities to offer “scholarships” to Syrian refugees, changing immigration policies to allow Syrian-Americans to bring over distant relatives, and various other ways of getting the job done “without going through this laborious, time-consuming process of refugee resettlement.”

Yes, the irritating thorn in the side that is U.S. federal law. If only President Obama really were king, the United Nations could just dump half a million Syrians off in Kansas tomorrow and be done with it. Oh well, better go back to the drawing board and figure out some more ways to get what we want regardless of the consequences!

But then, what else can they do? Refugee resettlement is turning into an unmitigated disaster in Europe, and the news reports are not exactly going to turn the tide of public opinion in the U.S. We’re experiencing a national crisis over illegal immigration, and the public is not ready to start bringing in scores of Islamic refugees. Even if we were sitting in a pretty good place assimilation-wise, the regular ISIS bombings make it hard to trust the vetting process for these refugees. Especially since many top officials are on record saying that it’s nearly impossible to run background checks on the citizens of a country like Syria.

Politically, it’s rather astonishing that President Obama can continue to pretend like he’s the hero in all of this. It is only because of his disastrous Middle Eastern policies that Syria is in the shape it’s in. He created this disaster, and now he wants to act like he’s cleaning up someone else’s mess. Well, sorry, Mr. President. We’re going to be too busy cleaning up your other messes to worry about that one. Let the friendly, moderate Muslims we hear so much about take these people in. 

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Source:  Total Conservative
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