The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 17, Volume 2:Battle of New Orleans




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series, Volume 2 
 American History 17, volume 2  
The War on the Water by Barnes Public School 1885 :
The Famous Battle of New Orleans under Madison’s Administration.
The Americans had suffered many disasters during 1814 but toward the end of that year they were threatened with a much greater disaster. A powerful British Army with a large fleet of vessels sailed in december from Pensacola,Florida for the purpose of taking New Orleans. The British knew that if they could take control of that city they could easily proceed up the Mississippi River and possess the whole western country. 

There was no American army at New Orleans and not much chance to form one in time to meet the unlooked for attack. General Andrew Jackson hurried forward from Florida and ordered forward all the troops that were within reach and turned the citizens into soldiers. Although he had only a handful of men, most of which had never been in battle. he was determined to resist the advance of the enemy. He erected forts on the river to repel the British ships but the British took another direction. 

There are lakes just behind New Orleans which lead into the side by other channels and the British ran their ships into one of these lakes. After a fight in the lakes they landed and marched across to the river a few miles below the towns. Jackson started out at once and fought them in the dark on the night of their arrival. The battle lasted two hours. When he could fight no more he fell back a distance and threw up a line of earthworks. On January 8,1815 the British made their grand attack, Their soldiers were the flower of the British army and being used to hard fighting on the battlefields of Europe they did not expect to have much trouble with Jackson’s raw recruits but when they came under the deadly fire of the Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee back woodsmen they wavered and fell back again and again. 

The British rushed headlong at the American line and each time were driven back by the unerring fire of the riflemen. Their Commander General Pakenham was killed and two thousand British troops fell at the hand of Jackson’s army. the British then so badly beaten gave up and returned to their ships. Peace had been declared and a treaty signed a short time before the Battle of New Orleans was fought but the news had not reached America at that time. It is a curious thing that nothing at all was said in the treaty about the right claimed of the British to search American ships at sea which was the very point in which the war was fought but the British have never since claimed that right and for nearly seventy years (time of this printing 1885 to 2016) the two nations of United states and England have lived in peace with each other.

Indeed, we have become best of friends as two nations should be who are next of kin and speak the same language.

(to be continued)

End of war of 1812 on water. The New Treaty with England that continues after two centuries 

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