The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 16, Volume 2:The Battle of the Thames in 1813




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series, Volume 2 
 American History 16, volume 2  
The War on the Water by Barnes Public School 1885 :
The Battle of the Thames in 1813:

The Battle of Thames 1813 When General Harrison received Perry’s dispatch that the British had surrendered he resolved to push across the Lake and carry the war into Canada. The enemy retreated before him but he followed closely on their heels and caught up with them on the river Thames. He at once attacked them, broke their line, and after inflicting a considerable loss forced them to surrender. Led by Tecumseh the Indian who was then with the British had kept up the fight until their leader was killed and then scattered in confusion to the shelter of the woods. 

Michigan was now redeemed but to add to the trouble of the United States Tecumseh had persuaded the Creek Indians in Alabama to make war with the white man. Under their skilful leader Weatherford or Red Eagle they were successful for a long time and spread terror through the south. Finally in 1814, General Andrew Jackson with an army of volunteers from Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi, defeated Red Eagle in a great battle and put an end to the trouble with the Creek Indians. In 1814 General Winfield Scott won two brilliant victories over the british in Canada.

 One at Chippewa and the other at Lundy’s Lake. These victories greatly cheered the Americans but as they could not be followed up they did little good. In September 1814 the British sent an army of 12,000 men from Canada to capture Plattsburgh on Lake Champlain and at the same time a strong fleet sailed up the Lake. the British plan was to take Plattsburgh, clear the lake, and push down along the Hudson River in order to sever New England from the rest of the country. This, you remember, is exactly what Burgoyne tried to do in the Revolutionary war. The plan failed this time just as it failed before.

There was at that time only 1500 Americans at Plattsburgh but they stood their ground and kept the British in check. An American fleet under Commodore McDonough sailed down the lake and fell upon the British ships and soon destroyed them. As soon as the British by Plattsburgh learned of this they broke up their camp and hurried back to Canada without even stopping to save their sick and wounded. 

(to be continued)
The Famous Battle of New Orleans under Madison’s Administration. 

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