Sixteen state AGs (Democrats, of course) want to go after global warming skeptics

The Ministry of truth has made another declaration! Global Warming is real and caused by humans using fossil fuels, whether or not that assertion  is backed up by facts.
Failure to bring one's thinking into line with the declared narrative will result initially into investigation into one's legal, financial and personal affairs resulting in "lawful" harassment beyond the pale.
How long before "re-education camps" come into being?
Make no mistake, tyranny is here and every day, inch by inch, is becoming more threatening to the American way of life.

The first amendment is now officially on death row.

 By Herman Cain 

Did you know it’s a crime not to believe in global warming? Actually it’s not, but when Democrats are put in law enforcement positions, they understand that they don’t have to actually charge you with a crime to bring the crushing force of the law down upon you.

Sixteen attorneys general at the state level, all of them Democrats, are proposing to step up the use of this tactic with those who don’t buy this.

Exxon Mobil has apparently been using corporate resources to cast doubt on much of the conventional wisdom that says man-made global warming is destroying the planet, and the only answer is impose massive new taxes and controls on industry – especially the fossil fuels industry. How dare a fossil fuel company question this!

Now, you may wonder, since doubting global warming is not against the law, what could AG Schneiderman actually do to them? He can’t charge them with a crime. And that’s true, but when you have law enforcement authority and plenty of taxpayer dollars behind you, you don’t to charge someone with a crime in order to a) destroy them; or b) intimidate them into backing down. All you have to do is investigate them.

You’ve heard horror stories, I’m sure, about what happens when the IRS audits someone. They can destroy that person’s life if they want to, with endless demands for documents, receipts and whatever else they decide to demand. They’re the government. They can demand whatever they want. I’ve been through this with them. You don’t have to be guilty of anything, and it’s on you to provide them with whatever they say they need to prove you’re not guilty.

They don’t even bother trying to persuade you to believe in their orthodoxy. They simply intimidate you into believing

Other government agencies work in much the same way, and this includes state attorneys general. Once they put you under investigation, they own your time, they own your resources, they own your decisions. And it scarcely matters what they’re presuming to investigate you for. Something nonspecific like “fraud” works great. It gives them all the license they need to subpoena the life out of you, to haul you in front of them for hearings, and to generally harass the life out of you.

This is how the global warmist attorneys general will go after companies and individuals who have broken no law, except the law of never questioning “settled science” that provides an excuse for shoving left-wing policies down the throat of an unwilling public.

They don’t even bother trying to persuade you to believe in their orthodoxy. They simply intimidate you into believing. They’ll use the force of law, the force of public pressure, whatever it takes. This is not because global warming is any sort of real threat. It’s because you’re a threat to their agenda if you don’t swallow hook, line and sinker what they say.

Don’t tempt them! They’ve got lots of time and lots of investigatory powers, and they’ll be glad to use them on you.

Source:  Canada Free Press

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