How many Muslims will it take to change America?

Brussels in mourning. For what? Their dead? or their naivete? Both?
Attention America! Read And Understand!
America is much closer to the Belgian nightmare than many believe. 
The refusal of our leadership in DC to recognize the obvious cannot be just naivete. There is much more afoot than we could possibly know, and we are being sold out--one "refugee/migrant at a time.
Local politicians are being conned into believing that these migrants will add to the economy. 
They don't, but the locals do get money for taking them. Should communities, states resist, strong arm procedures ensue.
We are being lied to by the Obama administration and by our leaders. They claim they will bring in 10,000 a year. Don’t make me laugh. You can look for a minimum of 100,000 to 200,000 a year to come in once the floodgates are opened. Obama himself has said this and he means it. All of these refugees will come from Islamic countries and the vast majority will be Muslim. Almost none of them will be Christians.

They do not assimilate… they do not integrate. Instead, they force communities to conform to how they wish to live. People need to check into what is going on and what is about to happen where they live. Your politicians will not willingly tell you. Why is this happening? It’s simply a political agenda. One that wants more power and money for those in control and one that wants to get rid of our pesky constitutional rights and subjugate Americans. Obama acts more like a proxy for the mullahs of Iran these days than President of the United States. We each need to fight this in our communities before it is too late. This is the beginning of the Hijrah migration here in the US and it is the ultimate enemy within.
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Posted by Ann Corcoran:
How many did it take to change Belgium?

A recent poll confirms that a large percentage of American Muslims here now would like to live under Shariah law.

Before I get to the article.  Think about it. Belgium did nothing that should have been seen as provoking the ire of Islam. They aren’t flying jets over the Middle East and Africa.  In fact all they have done for the last two decades is to warmly WELCOME migrants to live among them, and bend over backwards to meet Muslim demands for accommodation of Islam (Shariah).

And, what do they get for the naivete —-they get murdered in the name of Allah.

Here is the news from American Thinker (hat tip: Sodiumpen):

The poll’s results show that at least 37% – and possibly as high as 45% – of American Muslims believe that their religion should be either the main source or a contributing source of American law.

The results are in general agreement with a poll released by the Center for Security Policy in June 2015 that showed 51% of American Muslims agreeing that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

For context, there are currently 3.3 million Muslims in the United States. If current population trends continue, the United States could be a Muslim-majority nation by mid-century. [BTW, CAIR claims there are 10 million Muslims in America.—ed]

It doesn’t take a Muslim majority to clamor for Shariah law, it only takes a population of just 3, 4, 5% in most cases we’ve followed around the world.
You know what I don’t get, how do those pushing for more and more Muslim migration to America think that somehow we will escape Belgium’s fate some day?  It is just a matter of numbers and percentages.

Source:  Refugee Resettlement Watch

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