These Are Desperate Times

by Thomas Ash
These are desperate times and underdogs are doing and saying things out of desperation they wouldn't otherwise. Their supporters are behaving in kind.
I'm glad John Kasich hasn't exhibited these character flaws and pray the Lord will lift him up. If his plan is for Donald Trump to lead us, so be it.

Maybe the Lord's plan is for Hillary to lead us. It seems the fractured nature of the Republican party would be conducive to a Hillary outcome. I think the Lord's lesson may just be to show how small the conservative mind is that they would bite off their nose to spite their face and they don't grasp the concept of working together. So many so called conservatives have openly declared that they will not vote, write in their candidate, or vote for Hillary Clinton if their candidate doesn't win the GOP nomination.

My prayer is that conservatives stop behaving like spoiled little children throwing a tantrum and begin working together to defeat Hillary Clinton and demonstrate we can indeed work together even when we don't have our way.

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