The Truth About What REALLY Happened At the Chicago Trump Rally

The Friday night tumult was certainly well orchestrated by 'ole George & associates. 

The left is so obviously terrified by a possible Trump victory that they decided to break out the big guns--paid violence.  Of course, they presented it such a way that it was all Trump's fault for spewing venom, hate, and racism. 

Really, what were his paid useful idiots doing? Ole George hopes to achieve by chaos what the GOP elites cannot by political machinations--stop Trump dead in his tracks and, as an added bonus, frighten and physically attack his supporters.

Thuggery will rule and Hell On Earth will soon be a reality.

by Dan Lyman:

The savage, Soros-funded roaches were out in full force tonight in Chicago, the murder capital of the United States – and now an aggressively anti-First Amendment zone.

‘Chi-Raq’ is also renowned for operating under the dirtiest, most corrupt politics in the nation, having as home base for everyone from Al Capone to Saul Alinsky to Barack Obama. Undoubtedly, the rabid mobs that attacked Donald Trump supporters knew they would most likely face minimal backlash, as the denizens operate within some of the strictest, most unconstitutional firearms laws in existence.


George Soros and his ilk – including losers like the crack-dealing Jay-Zero and his slithering, anti-police black mamba of a co-conspirator and wife, Beyonce Knowles – have been pouring tens of millions of dollars into the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cultural Marxist movement. Last summer, the rank-and-file of this race-supremacist movement (and their non-black cuck-servants) engaged heavily armored riot police in fierce battle. This year they have thousands of patriotic Americans, waiting in long lines in the streets, on which to prey.

I knew that the first of Trump’s grueling rally double-header would get ugly, as it was held in St. Louis, Missouri – just a short drive from its BlackLootersMatter-devastated suburb of Ferguson. Dozens were arrested at the event, as Soros’ brown shirts and provocateurs stomped American flags and cursed out attendees. But this was nothing compared to what would later play out in the Windy City.


The mainstream media, and nearly all presidential candidates, have unscrupulously heaped as much of the blame for the lawlessness of this Democrat-sanctioned anarchy on the shoulders of Trump and his supporters, while ignoring the true events that occurred this evening, how dark and nasty they became – and who instigated them.

Here is a little slice of the Truth about what REALLY happened tonight.

Agitators were preemptively threatening violence (and implying that all Trump supporters are racist) while waiting in line to enter. They also planned to rush the stage during Trump’s speech.

“You know what? It’s not going to be peaceful, I’ll tell you that… The strategy is, we are going to have a formation inside, and we are going to lock arms. They’re not going to be able to tackle all of us. Half of (the crowd) are racists – and half are against Trump.”(Spoken English of quotee edited and completed for sake of coherence)

Barbaric threats of sexual assault were leveled (Gateway Pundit)

Attendee account:

“Because you were in there, I don’t blame you for not knowing, but it was a matter of life and death.

I was listening to the police scanner throughout. Two people were shot in one of three separate shooting incidents. The cops were chasing a white dodge ram with temp tags, I’m unsure if they were able to stop the vehicle. There were multiple assaults happening everywhere. It came over the scanner that a group of black protestors were targeting and assaulting white Trump supporters. Rioters were stealing Trump signs from supporters and ripping them up. They were throwing bottles and rocks at police. They managed to climb the walls of the parking garage and up on the third floor were hitting cars with bats and hammers smashing in windows. Two police officers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. They were blocking highways and side streets trying to prevent people from leaving so they could attack them. People were getting violent with police and when they would arrest someone other people would come over and attack the police. Two hispanic males shot at a firetruck. A black male was seen walking around with a handgun, description was white shirt black pants red shoes.

It was insane. Even crazier was the fact that the media wasn’t reporting on any of it. You know they have scanners and the entire time I’m hearing the people on the news saying that it was a peaceful protest.” – Reddit User alt99838

For more attendee accounts, pictures, and videos, go here

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