The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 16 :British Governor Cornwallis outwitted





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 16

US History teacher Gregory Dixon 1956 Victory at Princeton:

 British Governor Cornwallis outwitted:

 Cornwallis leaving part of his force at Princeton, New Jersey, hurried south to catch Washington. He found him between Trenton and a bend at the Delaware River. That night the British General went to sleep certain that Washington could not get away. How could he escape with the British Army in front of him and the broad deep river full of floating ice behind him. Cornwallis told his fellow officers that they would “bag the old fox” in the morning.

 While the English General lay dreaming, Washington, like the old fox, crept around him to Princeton. In the battle there June 3,1777, the American Advance Force was driven back. Just in time Washington came up. He saw that if beaten our army would be lost. Calling on his troops to follow him he rode within 30 yards of the British Force and stood facing the foe, exposed to the fire from both sides. For some moments the simplicity was hidden from sight by the smoke of the battle. When it lifted both sides expected to find that he had fallen. Not a bullet had touched him.

 Our men, inspired by the bravery of their commander, deflected the enemy with heavy loss to the British and soon after, the Americans and general Washington made themselves smug and safe in the hills around Mprristown in Northern New Jersey. General Cornwallis knew he could not drive Washington out without a desperate battle so he hurried back to New Brunswick, New Jersey for fear that the Americans would cut him off for his supplies at New York City. Washington spent the rest of the winter of 1777 training new troops and getting his army in good fighting condition. 

The next summer a French nobleman, Lafayette, came from Paris to offer his services for the cause of American liberty. He became one of washington’s Generals and not only offered his service to our country but equipped many of the men under his command with weapons and clothing furnished at his own expense. Lafayette brought with him Barron Dekalb, a German military veteran, who also became a General in the United States Army. Later General Steuben, a Prussian military engineer, joined the Americans and made himself of the greatest use in drilling and discipling our troops.
(to be continued)

  Burgoyne’s Expedition:

Battle of Bennington:

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