QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you turned on your television today to get you daily dose of Lies, Spin, Propaganda & Fear Mongering that is STAGED, ACTED & FUNDED by the New World Order group Fronted by George Soros ?

I mean to say if you TURNED off the DARN Television & Radio for awhile you just might "WAKE UP" to the TRUTH.....Our government wouldn't allow it tho....
In a WORLD where our Priorities should be building a Better World, living a life full of Peace & Love....We have been reduced to watching this BAD SOAP OPERA....and thinking its TRUE.....TRUE it is NOT.....What you hear & see is nothing but a PAID POLITICAL STRATEGY ...meant to confuse you & lead to down a path where the TRAP IS SET....

You know these MESSIANIC BASTARDS may very well Burn in HELL....But because PEOPLE buy into this CRAP they've made this life miserable, sad & hopeless to the point we feel this PAIN & FEAR is NEVER ENDING.

So here we sit, ROME IS BURNING, NERO FIDDLES......are we waiting for a QUE to Run, Leave or to Protect Ourselves? "You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows" Bob Dylan .....

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