Muslims Openly Plotting a Revolution in America

Below is a six minute video that is breath taking not only regarding Islamist goals, but also over the out right lies as well as the distortion of history.

Islamists are manipulating people of color world wide, including here in America. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is aligning with the Black Lives Matter movement in order to gain strength by playing upon the well orchestrated white racism narrative.

Our schools are being infiltrated, our churches seduced, and many of our lawmakers completely blinded by the onslaught of Taquia that will relentlessly continue until Islamists feel they have reached the goal of world wide Islamification. 

They are much closer to victory than we think. 

Here are some facts:

Muslims have enslaved, and still do, black people and other people of color around the world for hundreds of years. Many posts on the topic in our archives.

Khalilah Sabra – the black convert to Islam urging a Muslim revolution in America was trained by Osama bin Laden’s mentor. She even called bin Laden a visionary.

If the mass importation of Muslims is not stopped, it’s only a matter of time until the U.S. becomes an Islamic nation. It may be 20 or 30 years but your children and theirs will be the ones being killed.

The six minutes taken to view this is well worth the time taken!

Source: Creeping Sharia

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