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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, winter 2016 

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Dear Friends:

On December 29,2015 Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania signed the state budget, a balanced 30.3 billion 12 months spending plan sent to him via a bipartisan senate vote. This budget increased spending by more than $1 Billion over the previous fiscal year’s budget fully funding the state’s agriculture program and making historical increases in funding for pre K-12 schools by $405 million. So while the state now has a 2015-16 budget in place, Wolf used the authority of the governor’s office to make $6.3 million in cuts to the budget--also called line item vetoes and completely eliminated many important programs. including $3 Billion for Ki2 education and nearly every agriculture program.
Daily Bits #2 Check out your Rep: Stanley Saylor 94th District York, PA winter newsletter 2015-16
Budget season is once again upon us. On February 9th legislators listened to Wolf’s second budget address of his four year term and many of us are very disappointed in the governor’s plan for the 2016-17 budget. Wolf has doubled down on his demands for more money from hard working tax payers calling for nearly $3 billion in tax hikes to pay for $3 billion in new spending with none of that money going for property tax relief. Wolf is demanding 15 new taxes or increase in existing taxes. Specifically a hike in the personal income tax from 3.07 to 3.4 % for 2016-17 and make it retroactive to January 1st of this year. he also called for a massive expansion of sales tax which will include basic cable and satellite and television bills,movie theater ticket purchases, digital downloads of itunes and e books, as well as to increase cigarette tax to $1 more a pack. The television tax alone would add $12 a month to the average cable user.

 Amazingly, Wolf stood in the House Chamber and actually threatened Pennsylvania with higher property taxes if his demand for $3 billion in new taxes and spending is not met. (unquote Representative Stan Saylor.)
My comments: I am a widow living on social security which was forced from my pay check from factory working many years every week before I got a dime for my family. My husband also worked in the factory and paid in for many years. We finally made our own maintenance business and still paid tax till we barely broke even annually. We had both paid in for 50 plus years. Yet when he died it took 5 months to get my social security started. Thanks to my Representative it did happen. We managed to own an acre of land. I totally feel the Social Security is my money and the Land belongs to me. 

Yet yesterday from my small Social Security check I had to pay $303.50 for the first quarter school tax in order to keep my little acre of land. Now I know I have the right to complain when I hear about Wolf canceling the education fund he bragged about increasing.

 PLS Time for a tea party in the ocean if you know what I mean???

Daily Bits #3 Representative Stanley Saylor 94th District, York Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania had no budget for 2015.Governor Wolf asks for $3 Billion in new taxes. Where do these new taxes go? $500 million would go to education and most to Philadelphia schools and the remaining 2.5 billion would go to increase welfare spending while York County property taxes continue to rise.
Line item vetoes in the state Budget: Cuts from proposed budget: 3.15 billion from preK Basic education funding.

 This is the largest cut any governor (before Gov. Wolf) has ever made to the portion of the Commonwealth’s General Fund budget that goes to school districts. $10.5 million cut by Wolf to eliminate jobs training and education programs: Mobile science and math education. $10.8 million cut for Pennsylvania Community Colleges. $20.6 million cut for 14 Pennsylvania State Owned Universities. $56.9 million cut in grants to help Pennsylvania students pay for higher education. $112,000 cut for increase for higher education for the disadvantaged. $102,000 cut for preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. $600,000 cut for cancer research and treatment. 

ALL FUNDING FOR LUPUS RESEARCH CUT! $714,000 cut from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Poison Control Center and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Poison Control Center. $561,000 cut for those suffering from epilepsy. $6 million cut for hepatitis and cancer research. $153,000 cut for children and adults diagnosed with tourette syndrome. $357,000 cut for individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis (ALS) ALL FUNDING CUT FOR OBSTETRIC AND NEONATAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES FOR LOW INCOME WOMEN! ALL FUNDING CUT FOR GENERAL HOSPITAL BURN CENTERS.!!! ALL FUNDING CUT FOR CRITICAL ACCESS HOSPITALS! (these are generally small rural hospitals.)

If you disagree with these cuts made by Governor Wolf I urge you to contact his office and let him know your thoughts. 

You may contact Governor Wolf at 717 787 2500. You can also send a letter to Governor’s Correspondence Office, 508 Main Capitol Bldg., Harrisburg, PA 17120. (unquote Representative Saylor)

  Comments by: Pearl Leona Sturgis

This past christmas I received a book with blank pages and the Title was already engraved, “The Adventure Begins”. I had already decided to restudy the Constitution with just a bit daily. That is how I came up with the title for this series “Daily Bits. Now it is beginning of March 2016, I have done Daily bites each day by Declaration of Independence and US Constitution and am now working on the American Revolution and it is surprising how the subject of taxes brought on the Revolution in mid 1700s. I just hope the ones in charge will realize this oppression has to stop. PLS

Daily Bits #4 Check out your Reps: by Representative Stanley Saylor 94th District York, County, Pennsylvania.
Property Tax Reform Update: Winter 2016:

In May I rallied a strong bipartisan majority in the House to pass House Bill 504, a comprehensive property tax reform measure which I authored that would provide 4.9 billion in property tax relief State Wide...and contains strong mechanisms to prevent school boards from hiking taxes back up in the future. Yet, that legislation is languishing in the senate. The legislation is a dollar for dollar tax shift that would dramatically cut property taxes FOR ALL PENNSYLVANIA PROPERTY OWNERS AND NOT JUST A SELECT FEW! The measure House Bill 504, also has a built in mechanism to ensure the tax cuts would stay in place and suppress school district property tax increase in the future.

I commend the senate for holding a vote on senate Bill 76 to completely eliminate property taxes but that vote did fall one senate vote short of passing. We need to continue to press forward on property tax reform. Whether it is House Bill 504 or Senate Bill 76, both are acceptable to me. but something must be done! Property tax reform must be put back on the table as part of any budget negotiations and change in the sales or income tax rate must be a dollar for dollar reduction of property taxes and not increase spending. (unquote Rep Saylor)

I suggest we investigate who did not vote for property tax reform in the senate. Since only one more senator would have voted and the bill would have passed....All who did not vote should not be re elected.

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