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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, winter 2016 

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Dear Friends:

 On December 29,2015 Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania signed the state budget, a balanced 30.3 billion 12 months spending plan sent to him via a bipartisan senate vote. This budget increased spending by more than $1 Billion over the previous fiscal year’s budget fully funding the state’s agriculture program and making historical increases in funding for pre K-12 schools by $405 million. So while the state now has a 2015-16 budget in place, Wolf used the authority of the governor’s office to make $6.3 million in cuts to the budget--also called line item vetoes and completely eliminated many important programs. including $3 Billion for Ki2 education and nearly every agriculture program. Unquote Rep. Saylor.

My comments to his comment:

 I was not too surprised to read this because I have relatives who work for the school districts who complain about the funding. When I heard Gov Wolf announce on TV that he is holding out the budget for more education funding and higher taxes ...a red flag went up after watching the winter 2015 committee on PA Cable which announced the victory of banning common core and hearing about the funding released from congress. I was already suspicious and reading the comment of Rep Saylor confirmed my suspicion.

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