by Robby Bowling: Once again I want to REMIND those who I call Friends or those who may Read this...But All the Professional Posturing by the Liars who Work, Scheme, Plot & Throw either Fireballs or Cold Water on Everyone else's opinion...that it's only real OUTCOME will be getting us so DIVIDED The Communists Stay in Power.....

Come on People you really think HILLERY is a Better Choice than Trump, Cruz or Rubio....II hear & see many of you say if So & So gets the Nomination you'll stay home.....While I understand the EMOTION....But would you really like to see this country go up in FLAMES...This is a SELF-INFLICTED Wound we are trying to SURVIVE... ..

Think about it this way, many of you, including myself think this WHOLE PROCESS STINKS & is RIGGED....Are you a CLOSET COMMUNIST? Will you or would you VOTE for HILLERY or BERNIE...Well if you STAY HOME that's what you are in effect doing....It's how they RIG the Vote....By overwhelming you with the PROPAGANDA or LIE that all this is INEVITABLE....Well if you say home you not only helped KILL AMERICA, you helped kill your life & those you love & care for...

That includes all your Hopes, Visions, Prayers & Dreams...must less the Material things.....So go on & do the JOB for the Real ENEMY...The Satanic Evil Communists & there Propaganda Wing the MEDIA,,,AMERICA, A FOOLS PARADISE  & Stay Home, Where we all now have the Right & Privilege to be EQUALLY STUPID.... all the while doing the work for the SATANIC Bastard SOROS....

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