The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 5:The Stamp Act





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 5

The Stamp Act:

 US History Teacher Gregory Dixon 1956

 The King and his friends and many others thought the Americans were like lambs and that they would stand any amount of shearing without once showing their teeth. Accordingly, Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1765. That act required that the colonists should use stamps on all important business papers and also on pamphlets and newspapers.

The stamps cost from half of a penny all the way up to ten pounds. (fifty dollars) Such a law. if enforced, would tax everybody in spite of himself for everyone would have to pay that tax when he bought a newspaper or an almanac, took out an insurance policy on his house or made his will.

Resistance of the colonies:

 Benjamin Franklin who was in London as an agent for the colonies fought against it with all his might, but as he said, he might as well have tried to stop the sun from setting. In Boston, Samuel Adams, the father of the Revolution denounced the Act at a Town Meeting held at Faneuil Hall (The Cradle of Liberty) as it was called. The law passed and the colonists reached the news in 1765. Then the indignation of the people blazed out in an unmistakable manner. In Virginia, Patrick Henry, in a speech before the Virginia assembly fired all hearts by his eloquence.

James Otis had already declared that “Taxation without representation” is tyranny! Delegates from nine of the colonies met in New York to protest against the Stamp Act. When the hated stamps came the people destroyed them. Even the boys shouted, “Liberty! Property and no stamps!

Repeal of the Stamp Act: 

The Declaratory Act! The Boston Massacre:

Destruction of the Gaspee: 

 (to be continued)


 (to be continued ,War is Coming)

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