The 2016 Kabuki Season-Can We Look Beyond The Script?

Once again, America finds itself seated in the Presidential Election Theater Of The Absurd. Now the time has come to exchange one liar, er President, for possibly another. The casting call has been answered.

We are presented with several acts (primaries) with countless scenes (debates). Often times, in many scenes, we lose the intended thread of the drama due to the actors (candidates) going off script, mouthing their own lines, and the directors (debate moderators) losing control. Often times, the script is abandoned altogether and the actors engage in an adolescent verbal food fight to determine who should get the Tony.

In the meantime, the very reason that the play was written as well as the intended story line is lost. Some ill informed attendees begin to submerge themselves into their own fantasies as to which actor is best suited for the ultimate prize, often for no substantive reason whatsoever. 

Others in the audience are so thoroughly disillusioned with the presentations of the past as well as the current one that they sleep through the entire performance. 

Others are all too aware of the true nature of the performance--pure Kabuki sans reality.

It all comes down to that one word, reality. To find it, one must go backstage and see who the grippers (money men) are and exactly what they are doing. Are they working in concert with the electricians, etc. do they truly do their job with the play in mind, or do they operate with a hidden agenda that just might crash the entire set. 

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

While it is true that our "leaders" have been lying to us for decades, the current administration has elevated it to Orwellian proportions. The double think, news speak, prevarication, obstructionism, and out right perfidy that comes out of the current Washington D.C. administration is heart stopping.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Extortion 17 are just a few of the major lies and cover-ups pushed by D.C.

Executive over reach, and Congressional abdication of authority over to the bureaucratic alphabet agencies is another scandalous breach of trust with constituents.

The unbridled national debt wrought upon us by those in office is Cloward Piven on steroids, and its ramifications will be devastating for generations to come.

Last but not least is the use of the IRS as a fearful tool for punishment and harassment of those who are on the wrong side of the administration's political fence.

The harsh reality is that the America many of us grew up in and took for granted has now become a totalitarian state. We need to do our best to climb out of any boxes we may be in, thoroughly examine any assumptions we may be carrying, and search for the truth, bitter though it may be.

Now the time has come to clearly see things as they truly are, evaluate what needs to be done, and examine which actor can best deliver the necessary performance no matter who may be adjusting the lighting in the background. 

Knowledge is power. Even though we may feel powerless and may not see a restoration of our great country within our life time, we must hold and guard the truth so as to pass it on to future generations. They will then have the necessary knowledge to embrace reality, reclaim America, and emerge victorious when the time presents itself. History is cyclical. The time will come.

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