Super Tuesday : March 15th when Florida weighs In

by Thomas Ash

South Carolina was the first real test but it isn't the most important test. Newt Gingrich won South Carolina with 40% of the vote and then fell like a rock when Florida voted.

Congratulations to Donald Trump on his huge wins in South Carolina and New Hampshire! Don't count your eggs though because Super Tuesday is the next big test followed closely by March 15th when Florida weighs in.

Ted Cruz is likely to get a big lift on Super Tuesday when Texas weighs in and may even pass Trump in delegate count depending on how he fares in all the other states and Rubio is likely to get a lift when Florida weighs in and tie things up.

There really isn't any reason for Ben Carson to linger. It's clear his campaign isn't going anywhere but Ben isn't operating on conventional wisdom so he might just leave his name in the hat and let it ride to the convention.

I'm not going to count John Kasich out either until I see his strength in states favorable to him like the upper midwest but most likely this may boil down to a 3-4 way race all the way to the convention.

So I'll wait until March 15th before prognosticating the GOP nominee

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