Merkel's True Colors Showing: Threatens U.K. With Trade War Should It Leave The EU

The woman who deliberately chose to destroy not only Germany but all of Europe with Islamist migrants now threatens to destroy the U.K. economically.
Consider this: EU officials, Angela Merkel right in the lead, made absolutely sure that war refugees would find their way to Europe’s green landscapes.  Actually experts such as Scott Bennett, a former US special op. intelligence officer have long established that refugees were “made to come to Europe” through a clever game of geographical bottle-necking. Ever wondered why Europe’s staunchest allies in the ME refused to open up their borders to offer Jordan and Turkey some relief? Ever wondered why the likes of Saudi Arabia or Egypt for example were not called upon to share in the refugee load given they are geographically connected to this crisis, and could have socially absorbed newcomers since they all share ethno-religious markers?
The Brits are becoming fed up with the current power structure of the EU and is threatening to leave should things not change. Opinion polls show that there is about a 50-50 chance that Britons will choose to cut ties with the E.U.

HEIL MERKEL! German Chancellor’s “Attack Dog” Threatens UK To It’s Face With Trade War If It Leaves The EU- “You Can’t Survive Without Us”

by Andrew Bieszad 

Britain has seen this before. Just barely a century ago.

As this “refugee” crisis worsens, Chancellor Merkel’s true intentions will be revealed more clearly, as they were in this incident. Never before in recent history has Germany outright threatened Britain with even a minor conflict, let alone a trade war. The following conversation took place in Holland and if this continues, history will repeat itself again. From the UK Daily Mail:

Mr Krichbaum and Sir Bill had a sharp but courteous disagreement during a meeting in The Hague on Monday, but the gloves came off when they argued face-to-face afterwards. Mr Krichbaum, seen by some as Mrs Merkel’s anti-Cameron ‘attack dog’, claimed Britain’s economy would be devastated as a result of lost EU trade deals, saying: ‘You won’t be able to survive, trading conditions will not be in your favour.’

Gunther Krichbaum

Sir Bill retorted: ‘Yes we can. We’ve been doing it for generations. We have a multi-billion-pound trading deficit with the EU: you run a multi-billion surplus. You need to sell us your cars and trucks. What do you take us for? Do you think we are incapable of running our own affairs?’

It was at this point that lawyer Mr Krichbaum, 51, a member of Mrs Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrat party retorted: ‘There is the question of tariffs.’

Indignant Sir Bill replied: ‘You’re not threatening me, are you?’

The Conservative MP told his German adversary: ‘There is history between our two countries. We have had to battle for our freedom over the last century. We should not and will not be governed by EU majority voting dominated by Germany.’

Sir Bill Cash

The row had started earlier at a formal meeting when Sir Bill declared: ‘Our people no longer trust the democratic structures of the EU. We are not going to be in the second tier of a two tier Europe effectively run by Germany.’


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