German Leadership Becoming Desperate?

How could the European leadership  have been so clueless to begin with?  Could they have really been so stupid as to what they were opening their gates to? Or were their actions deliberate? 
Apparently, the populace has had enough and is not as compliant and submissive to the "Authorities"as they are supposed to be. The anger has apparently boiled over to the point that it can no longer be ignored. 

Desperate? Germany turning the screws on refugees with new threat

by The Analytical Economist:
Europeans are waking up to the fact that taking on refugees was more than they bargained for.

Denmark is collecting valuables from the refugees entering their country to try to offset the cost, but I don’t think that’s going to put much of a dent in the cost.

(Just for reference, the cost of bringing in 85,000-100,000 refugees into the US comes out to $55 billion when you add the costs of public assistance to the cost of anticipated public assistance usage).

The tide of public opinion is changing and putting heavy political pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As we reported here, Merkel is now promising all refugees will be sent home after the war ends to reassure citizens the problem will only be temporary.

As refugees flood Germany and problems show no signs of stopping, the German government is trying to use a bit of leverage to attempt to stem the problem at its source.

Via The Local

Germany’s Interior Minister told Afghanistan on Tuesday that Germany’s security support to the country would only continue if the influx of Afghan refugees to Germany stopped.
“We’re staying here as long as it’s necessary. But we also expect that the Afghan population stays here,” Thomas de Maizière said on a visit to Afghan capital Kabul, according to N-tv.
Many Germans ask themselves how it can be that Afghans come to seek asylum in their country when Germany is providing security assistance in Afghanistan, the interior minister claimed.
“We want the influx of refugees to be stopped,” he added.
The interior minister also sought to quash rumours he said were leading to Afghans coming to Germany with false hopes.
“There is no welcome money in Germany. There is no guarantee of a job or an apartment,” de Maizière told state broadcaster ZDF, warning Afghans not to listen to propaganda spread by people smugglers.
De Maizière insisted that there are still parts of the country which are stable, while conceding that it can’t be considered a safe country.
“There are still many (safe) provinces in the north. But also inside areas that aren’t so stable, there are safe areas,” he said.
As for the size of aid at stake:
Germany has been training Afghan police since 2002, but currently only has 50 policemen in the country, about a quarter of the number it had a the high point of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.
German police officers have trained over 73,000 Afghan police personnel over the 14 years since the NATO mission began.
In the autumn the German parliament decided to stop withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan and authorized a slight increase in numbers from 850 to 980. These troops perform a training and advisory role.
All of which goes to show the danger of withdrawal. Nature abhors a vacuum, and will quickly fill it. After all, look what happened in Iraq…

Source: Allen B West

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