AMERICAN PATRIOTS SERIES-21 : A Page From Bill Sharpe's Dairy

 This Is a ongoing series of Letters,Essays,and Opinions that you my Patriotic friends want to share with your friends and countrymen .This is your Last Stand my friends.

Where freedom of speech is not stifled,
Freedom of Speech is Celebrated, not 
Condemned !!!

What is a true and genuine American Patriot; what are the components?

"I believe that a very important component is holding onto the values that have been passed onto us by the patriots that have gone before us. Some of those values are faith, family, freedom, sanctity of life from conception to natural death with the inherent dignity and value of every human being being acknowledged and respected, hard work and earning a place/position in society, helping our neighbors, personally supporting those in real need and living out all these values out in our daily lives. 

An American patriot would deeply love our country and faithfully participate in the political process, which requires study to become knowledgeable and well-informed to make the best choices that conform to our constitutional boundaries. Holding to the standards established by the Declaration and Constitution is a really important part of it because our identity as a people and nation ...was formed and developed from them. All of our American values were birthed from our Biblical foundation which permeated all aspects of society from the education and the arts to law and government, reaching from the lowest economic places to the highest levels of achievement and everything in between.

It was the air we all breathed and it made this country so different from all other places and it bound us together as a people. We might be rich, we might be poor, but achievement in any area of life by anyone was celebrated and served to show others that it could be done. We were unashamed to have heroes, to read about them, tell their stories, and learn from their lives. And for many years so many patriots were birthed out of this American soil, decent, strong, brave and true patriots who sacrificially served out of love and duty."
We're all grateful for the patriots we've been privileged to know.


 A Page From Bill Sharpe's Dairy

This is not a joke, to those who believe in God and Jesus, I believe it is time for all believers to come together and start to work to build a ship to leave earth. I guess it sounds like science fiction; well since 1980 I have tried to find the words to say this without sounding crazy but there are none, so I have to say this best that I know how. I can tell you this, this ship is more like a seed and just like other life forms the earth should have the ability to reproduce and keep all the life forms alive that’s where we come in all the believers were born with a piece of the knowledge to make this happen .

I believe that not only can we make a ship that can travel through space and time but to find a planet like earth and make an environment like we have here on earth. This is not a joke; people have died because they had knowledge that scared the people in power. I am just a man who believes in God and jesus and I believe I have a piece of this knowledge .I think that all the technology that we believe we have discover was put here for us to find to point us in this direction .this is the same instinct that animals Have to migrate on earth like birds and fish except we would migrate into space. 

I would like to know how many people think this, especial master mechanics. At this time in history we have the knowledge and ability to do all most anything so before we lose or use all the earth’s resources’ up we us should try to do this, this should be the goal of the human race. Part two this is not a joke to those who believe in god and Jesus. To put an end to the dependency on oil would mean to produce an energy supply that is inexhaustible and that would be perpetual Electric Motor Force this would change who has the power or those who control the world, To produce free energy would also cause problems with over population food, water, land all these things would become in short supply, that’s why those who are in power cause wars so that they can stay in power. 

Because they don’t know what to do to fix the problems that technology cause and they want to stay in power so they start a war’s by giving weapons or knowledge that is above the ability of those they want to control or destroy. Science is the art of finding the truth as long it is politely correct don’t mention God or intellectual design or you might find a truth you don’t want, if you are a scientist, you might find yourself out of a job. Or like Galileo you could find yourself in jail. 

The truth is its own language, and has a power that can change everything!, and that is why all governments want to control knowledge and religion and tell all people what to believe in ha science it’s nice to have something that’s sounds good and that makes sense even though it might just be a little piece of a truth for a time that misleads .it’s very difficult to tell the story knowing that the words you write could change people’s lives knowing that mere words can make people think get people angry it reminds me of the time I was working with a few guys and one guy said you believe in aliens and I said yes and he said are you crazy and I said let me ask you a question I said where do you live and he said New Jersey I said where is New Jersey and replied United States and where’s the United States and he didn’t know.

 I said is it in the northern hemisphere of Earth and he said yes and I said where is Earth and he said he didn’t know I said isn’t Earth in space isn’t Earth’s part of the Milky Way constellation and he said yes and I said so you live on the planet in the Milky Way constellation in outer space so doesn’t that mean there’s life in space and he was in shock, and said I don’t want to think about this get away from me, and I said to him if you live on a planet in outer space do you think we are the only ones, what do you know of that there’s only one of, and he said I don’t know, but he was scared to think these things there are many things in life as profound as that, we just need to stop and think what are we here for why are we here why are we able to invent and create, if we were able to travel through space to colonize another planet that was void and without life we would have two make it exactly like Earth.

 Everything here was put here for a reason everything, things we like things we don’t like things we understand the things we don’t understand, everything is here on earth needs to be here for us to survive all the life forms the environment climate all these things were designed as if you were putting a fish tank in your house you have to put everything in the fish tank that this fish needs or they would not live we are no different, something someone created and made all this happen everything is too complex but yet perfect, if we were on a spaceship stranded in space and we came to this planet this would be like heaven this would be an island oasis but like all life forms they live they die our planet is no different, and just think that the knowledge program into our DNA is telling us these things that’s why the technology we think we are inventing is being discovered, not invented I know that people like Galileo and Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin had information that most people could never understand there are others like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown Paul Benfield that few will be able to understand . 

      William Sharpe


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