This Is a ongoing series of Letters,Essays,and Opinions that you my Patriotic friends want to share with your friends and countrymen .This is your Last Stand my friends.

Where freedom of speech is not stifled,
Freedom of Speech is Celebrated, not 
Condemned !!!

What is a true and genuine American Patriot; what are the components?

"I believe that a very important component is holding onto the values that have been passed onto us by the patriots that have gone before us. Some of those values are faith, family, freedom, sanctity of life from conception to natural death with the inherent dignity and value of every human being being acknowledged and respected, hard work and earning a place/position in society, helping our neighbors, personally supporting those in real need and living out all these values out in our daily lives. 

An American patriot would deeply love our country and faithfully participate in the political process, which requires study to become knowledgeable and well-informed to make the best choices that conform to our constitutional boundaries. Holding to the standards established by the Declaration and Constitution is a really important part of it because our identity as a people and nation ...was formed and developed from them. All of our American values were birthed from our Biblical foundation which permeated all aspects of society from the education and the arts to law and government, reaching from the lowest economic places to the highest levels of achievement and everything in between.

 It was the air we all breathed and it made this country so different from all other places and it bound us together as a people. We might be rich, we might be poor, but achievement in any area of life by anyone was celebrated and served to show others that it could be done. We were unashamed to have heroes, to read about them, tell their stories, and learn from their lives. And for many years so many patriots were birthed out of this American soil, decent, strong, brave and true patriots who sacrificially served out of love and duty."
We're all grateful for the patriots we've been privileged to know.



What happens when we run out of words ?

What happens happens when we get tired of trying to communicate peacefully ?

What happened when we say we showed you enough patience, showed you enough respect, what happens when we say NO MORE ?

They have proved over and over again, they have no respect for the citizens, they have no desire to work with the will of the people.

They do not care how much we protest, and voice our opinions, freedoms that we inherited from our founding fathers, came at a tremendous price.

 And a tremendous cost, this great inheritance that they gave to us are we going to squander it ? 

Are we going to give it away to those who would enslave us, are we going to waste in vain the great sacrifices that were paid with human lives and the blood who payed the ultimate price so we may have the treasures of Freedom .

Are we willing to put all of those things on the table to maintain our freedoms, or are we going to surrender to tyranny and oppression.

If we do not make this choice for ourselves, others will make it for us, and once we passed through this door of time, there will be no coming back ! For Time waits for no man .

Thoughts Of An American Patriot 

America needs to realize the fact, that we have a Adolf Hitler in power in our country today, if the citizens the military and law enforcement do not act ! To remove these people from power, WE are Sentencing our Children and Grandchildren to Death !

On going Diary, Bill Sharpe

We are all Responsible for Our Future No One Gets a Free Pass, If We do not Participate in Our Future Someone Else will Design it for US, and we will not be included in the process, like exactly what's going on today. 

If We want to be part of the Future, We better be part of the Now ! This president and his administration must be Stopped at all cost, or We Will Cease to Exist as a Nation, this is America's Hitler, have we not Learned anything from the Past, have we not Learned anything from History !

Their deceit and contempt for this country and nation has no equal, there is no lie, there is no act of deception that they will not perform to complete the ultimate goal of destruction of this nation and its people. They believe that we are so ignorant that they can tell us anything and we will accept it as truth ! 

They have perverse our laws, and even the very words that this nation stands on. They want us to believe that wrong is right, and right is wrong ! They want us to believe that good is evil, and evil is good. And if we challenge their deceptions they demonize us and try to undermine our credibility, and become victimizers as if they are the ones under attack, and they are the ones who were giving up or losing something, trying to convince us what's best for us. They do not believe in God, and even demonize God ! 

To raise themselves above criticism and judgment. We the people of America have been blessed by God with so many miracles, that some of us can no longer see them, we have raised our standard for God's miracles, because we believe we possess some knowledge that makes us great. What makes people great, were is there faith in God, and the power that God grants them through his love. God Blessed the people of this nation, so that we the people would have our own country our own laws, not to be ruled under a king or a tyrant but to be a free people.

 God chose us God placed us here, so that we would prosper, God did not remove the wolf at our door, he wants us to know that we must fight if we wish to keep our nation and our freedoms, he wants us to know if we do not kill the wolf, the wolf will surely kill us, God gave us the knowledge and the power to defend ourselves from evil, no matter what form or what shape it takes, and no matter how powerful it may seem to be, God has empowered us to defeat any evil, and that is the miracle that the American people Have forgotten ! July 20, 

I believe that the people of the United States of America do not understand the purpose of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our forefathers told us that we were the rightful owners of this government. And at any given time We the People Can Take That Control Back, off of the government, at Our discretion. We the people empowered this government with limits, Rules and laws.  

The Constitution does not give the government unlimited powers. There is no one branch of government that has unlimited powers, and all the branches of government together do not have unlimited powers, the only group of individuals who have unlimited power in this country, are the citizens and any time that the citizens feel this government does not represent us, we should should dissolve this government and replace it with a new one. This is why the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written, to remind the citizens we are the rightful owners of this land and this government, these rights were paid for in blood and treasures by our forefathers.

 I hope and pray they will not be squandered on the ignorant and the ambitious !  You know how the people of America defeated England ? They stood together with one voice, they stood together as one people, they were not black they were now white, they were not Irish, not Italian, not German, they were one thing, they were Americans, and they were fighting for the same prize, their freedoms their liberties ! 

A small group of people on a faraway land, defeated the most powerful military nation in the world, because they had the will, and the believe if they stood together as one, no power in the world could defeat them ! They knew God was on their side, and they were on the side of right. We today in United States of America have lost what is the most important thing to the people of this nation, to be able to stand side-by-side with your neighbor your friends your colleagues and with one voice demand, your freedoms your liberties, to tell this government we are the people, we write the laws, we built this nation, where the ones who hammered the nails, pour the concrete erected the steal, built these city's, and built this nation, no politician broke a sweat, building our highways, no politician bled building our cities, and our factory, but every politician will be responsible for the demise of this nation.

 We the people we are the caretakers of this land and this nation, are we going to let foreign governments take this what we and our fathers fought so hard to build. Our power as citizens is in our ability to come together as one, there is no more powerful entity other than God, if we don't stand together in unity, and raise our voices in disgust of the activities that are taking place in this country today, we do not deserve to have this country to call home. Our fate, our children and our grandchildren's future is in our hands today, tomorrow it may be in the hands of Islamic extremist, but today it's in our hands. We need to come together with one voice, as one people.

 I would recommend that every member of every patriot groups every militia, every gun rights group, every constitutional party, Join your local Tea Party Today, let's become one, with one voice as one people, not as a whisper but with the roar freedom that will be heard around the world, as we retake our country back from the tyrants, and the corrupt. We need to vote as a title wave, all with the same voice, everyone in our families. This power is in your hands, NOW what you going to do with it . 

If you want to know what the next move of the Obama administration will be, just sit back and think what would one have to do to weaken America, remove the citizens freedoms and liberties, and risk the sovereign of this country, because that will be the next move that this administration will proceed with, and if you want to know what he's going to do about Isis and Iraq, whatever will help Iraq that is what's going to happen, because the Obama administration wants Iran to control the whole Middle East and the world ! One distraction after another, to keep confusing most of the people who are supposed to be watching and protecting our country. 

A lot of people on Facebook have already seen the suppression of free speech, and that's because of direct intervention by this administration, whose sole purpose is protecting the invading armies in overthrowing America, and bolstering the infiltration of our nation,In every department in the federal government, all the way down to the larger cities, for the sole purpose of the demise of America and all that it stands for.

 Morning Facebook friends and patriots, I wake up this morning wondering what stage of the plan is going to be released on us today, it's obvious to most American citizens today that the United States is being overthrown from within at the highest level of our government. This administration needs to protect their political regime the communist, Islamic, demonic, Democratic Party, from extinction. This president is in the process of doing everything that is possible to ensure the success of his evil political party that he represents. He will do whatever he can do to ensure that the election is fixed ,rigged, so that his predecessor Killary Clinton can continue the erosion of the American culture. 

Every political move that this individual makes is strategically planned to undermine our political structure, and our laws for the sole purpose to destroy this constitutional government. it is beyond circumstantial evidence the intent of this president and his administration, they are a criminal regime, on a crime spree that rivals the Hitler regime. The communist, Islamic, demonic, Democratic Party, cannot afford to lose this next election, too many people are aware of their intent, not only to destroy the culture of the United States but other nations around the world, no one can any longer guess what the intentions of this president and his administration are, it's quite obvious their intentions are to destroy the United States of America by circumventing our laws, to completely in power a criminal regime. 

And this is why they will do whatever is necessary to succeed in the next presidential election, to undermine every facet of the voting process, for the goal to destroy this nation. This cannot happen without the assistance of our elected representatives in Congress and the Senate, they will share equally in the blame, when this nation is destroyed. They have also planet the seeds of radical Islam in our nation, with the hope that the seeds will grow into a vicious and destructive killing force, so even if they fail on one front they have infected our country our nation with the spawns of evil. 

America it is time we weed the garden of Eden, before it devours us ! If you like what you read, please share it. 

Thank you Bill Sharpe

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