As Hillary is up to her ankles wading through scandal after scandal, she is remarkably quiet these days. It has been nearly a month since the Democrat frontrunner has spoken with the press. Or roughly the time it takes her husband to bang 1,000 hoochies.
She and her team seem to be very relaxed as the Republicans begin their primary campaigns. Why could that be? Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (yay!) are taking well-deserved pot shots at Hillary on a daily basis. Of course, she has faced sniper fire in Bosnia so she’s seen worse.

Is the fix in on the 2016 election? What part will Obama’s illegal Executive Order Amnesty play in allowing illegal aliens to vote? Reportedly tens of thousands of drivers licenses have been issued to illegals. Drivers licenses that will allow said pre-Democrats illegal aliens to vote. By the thousands. Again and again and again.

Based on data from True The Vote, voter fraud is at epidemic levels in America. There are millions of dead voters on America’s voter rolls who vote in election after election after election. So Hillary can save her ill-gotten rubles in the primary and general elections knowing that she has the White House in the bag.

Of course, the wussypants Republican Elite want El Jeb Clinton as their nominee. And with all the corporate millions, he’ll probably win the primary. Then lose to his sister from another mister, Hillary. F’in Bushes and Clintons!

I have no faith in government to uphold voter laws. Hell, they won’t enforce immigration laws so why would they enforce voter laws? Also, I’ve never believed the Republicans want the White House anyway. They want to control Congress so they can pay back their Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street masters with unending Third World cheap labor.

The wussypants Repub leadership like having a Dim in the White House so they can blame all the sh*t in the country on him at election time to Stupid Republican Voters (SRVs) even though they vote in lockstep with him and the Democrats 24/7! As we speak, Turtle Head McConnell is challenging Rand Paul’s filibuster of the Patriot Act. So Repubs don’t care if illegals vote for Dims (which they do) as long as the dwindling crackas vote for Republicans in Congress.

So AWD’s spidey sense is tingling big time that the fix is in for the next election. Allow tens of millions of illegal aliens and Muslims in the country during Hussein’s rein and watch them all vote for Democrats in 2016.

American middle class voters have been sold out. By Democrats and Republicans alike. Even as we speak, Red States are being flooded by liberals, illegals, and Muslims. America is in dire straights. And I believe it is beyond repair.

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The dirty Democrats filed a lawsuit in the New Jersey Supreme Court filled with lies of course! Then the Republicans "Gerrymandering" since 1981. smh - Monica Pino
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