by Robby Bowling:
 Well here we are, is it The Last Days Of Pompeii or is it the time for America to take one really Righteous Dump in the Potomac & clean the SEWERS & SEPTIC tank we call Washington DC......And while Christmas was just over these days are not for celebrating ...Shouldn't it be safe to assume most of the inhabitants of this land believe ALL Politicians    
 Are LIARS.....And may I add they aren't armatures either ....."Pathological Liars," "Sociopath's," or "Narcissistic Demi-Gods.....is more descript.....and if that be the case why do people want LIARS in control over Everything you do ? Is it that we want to be SCREWED out of everything we worked for?  Do we have a DEATH WISH?  There is no LOGIC here....

The Liars & Town Criers are only interested in the Con....not substance.....And with the Elections forthcoming be prepared for TONS of Excrement ....These paid Liars have promised to FIX the Economy, they will promise Jobs, They will Promise you Free Healthcare, they will offer you Protection From ALL that can or will Harms us......in short they will PROMICE us a Fairytale, A Utopia a HEAVEN on EARTH.....OK now here's the REALITY....they've been Promising that LIE since ADAM & EVE came out of the CAVE......Have they EVERY FULFILLED any of those Promises .....ANSWER is a Resounding...."NO." What Makes you think they will fulfill them now? Are we Pathetically Stupid or What?

All we are really doing in any ELECTION is Voting on/for the Best LIAR.....Really now the AMERICAN LIAR SHOW has been running FAR TOO LONG....isn't it time to cancel this show? I starting to wonder if people will or if they even can understand that .....Heavens we've become like a LEPER who loses their fingers, toes, hands, feet, ears & now our EYES, yet we deny we are sick or won't seek the remedy....You know DEAD IS DEAD IS DEAD....

The REALITY is this, Politicians have no REASON to EVER fix a problem...In fact you can bet they had something to do with CREATING it ....They only way anything is going to be FIXED is by DOING the WORK ourselves,,,,Otherwise all you have is the old military slang word...SNAFU .....

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