With this New Year upon us
Perhaps it's time to reflect

There's so more that's come & gone
And so much worthy of respect

It take more than a miracle
To get us through these days
We once observed the hollowed steps
I guess we let time get in our way

As for me I just want to be the better man
And there are others who feel the same
But so many have become the fool
And can never accept the blame

But for those who really love & care
Some call them family or their friends
May you never need or hurt
Until this journey ends

Meanwhile we start the clock once more
Do we search for Heaven's Gate
Don't we all want the a love so rich
That we could drown out all the hate

Don't we wish to help the souls
That feel abandoned on this road
And too often they feel the pain
And they've nothing left to hold

God helps those who help themselves
Yet those who teach shine the light
It's like a mother that worries so
About their children out at night..

We pave this journey with just a dream
We are but sailors on life's seas
Self-righteousness never cured a thing
To be cured is to believe

So may your year be prosperous
And may your faith never end
May your kindness open the doors
And let your God be your friend


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