The North Korean situation is beyond critical. USAF now on Nuclear Standby.

 The NK situation is rapidly moving toward Armageddon. Lil Kim keeps threatening, and America is standing its ground refusing to be intimidated and blackmailed into giving concessions.
Precious administrations have caved, this one will not.
Apparently, Li Kim just doesn't get it.

ALERT: Air Force Placed on Nuclear Alert Standby
North Korea continues to threaten the United States, our territory of Guam, and allies of South Korea and Japan. Although not specified in the latest threats as to when or exactly where North Korea would strike first, a growing number of analysts believe that Kim Jong-un will launch some kind of attack in the near future, possibly over the American holiday season.
Both President Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have said that if North Korea does take any hostile action against us or any of your allies that the response will be swift and devastating to North Korea.
Evidently, the current threat level is strong enough that the US Air Force has been placed on nuclear alert, which involves B-52 bombers loaded and ready to strike North Korea at a moment’s notice.

The US Air Force is preparing to place its fleet of B-52 bombers on high-alert for the first time since the end of the Cold War amid a growing nuclear stand-off with North Korea.
According to a report by the Defense One industry website, the “long-dormant” runways of certain US Air Force bases could once again be home to nuclear-loaded B-52s, ready to fly at a moment’s notice.
Barksdale and other US nuclear bases are bracing themselves for the command to be delivered. Preparations include the development of storage hangars for a new nuclear cruise missile alongside a renovation of beds installed for more than 100 service people.
The decision, reportedly still in its preliminary phases, will be made by General John Hyten, the commander of the US Strategic Command or General Lori Robinson, the head of US Northern Command, Stratcom…
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein says that the alert is not for offensive purposes but to be ready to respond to any form of attack by North Korea as quickly as possible. He also pointed out that it’s not just the US and Russia with nuclear weapons, but there are other world players in the picture and not all of them are friendly to America. The readiness alert is there to help prevent a total nuclear world war.

via  Great American Politics

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