LV shooting: More facts coming out and they are frightening

In the beginning, all that we knew was that a horrific massacre had occurred and no motive was immediately ascertainable. As time went on facts began to slowly dribble out and the initial lone wolf theory came under scrutiny.
Who is behind this attack, ISIS, AntiFa? Was Paddock a gunrunner for either? There are indications that he intended to get out alive. What happened? If he was murdered so that he would not talk, who did it? Is this the beginning of the uprising touted by the enemies of both America and Trump?
None of those questions have been answered so far.
There are several article excerpts with links below. The first section is what we do know so far, the second deals with plausible yet unproven theories.
There is a lot of information here and the reader may need to break it up if pressed for time, or may just want to take in some of the headlines.

Here are some facts that have been gleaned so far:

From  The Daily Sheeple
The Vegas Plot Thickens: The Connection Between The Shooter And An Intelligence Agency: BREAKING: Users on /pol/ have discovered flight records and a plane that belonged to the Las Vegas Shooter. It is connected to an intelligence contractor who's owner previously worked for the Obama administration.
Looking closely, the first thing you will notice is that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, had a pilot license and owned two planes. This is well-established fact. The tail number of one of those planes is N5343M, a Cirrus SR-20. You can see that this was owned by Paddock by going to the website But Paddock doesn’t own this plane anymore. It was grounded three years ago, and it’s now in the hands of none other than Volant LLC, which there is little information on.
However, Volant Associates is none other than a Department of Defense contractor. Meaning Paddock’s plane has been in the hands of the United States government for the past three years and grounded since – if Volant LLC is being used as a way to hide information. Considering what Volant Associates does, that wouldn’t be so far fetched.  But the plane’s information is all easily verified here on It’s been in Roanoke, Virginia since April 25, 2014.
Volant’s describes it’s mission on their website as providing “the industry’s preeminent professionals to discriminating U.S. government and intelligence-and-defense-industry customers.”    The entire article here

From DC Clothesline:
Shooter’s Brother May Have Just Busted This Investigation Wide Open: “Steve Was An Arm… I’m Sorry… Please Don’t
Alternative media sleuths across the world are trying to get to the bottom of the Las Vegas shooting and the following video, made available by Twitter user Red Pill, is going to lead to even more questions.
We won’t put words into Eric Paddock’s mouth. You decide what he intended to say:
“Steve had no help… Steve didn’t take help… it did not take a village for Steve…”
“Steve was an arm…”
**Eric Paddock Realizes Mistake**
“I’m sorry… Please don’t…. I’m using a colloquial term…”
There are two likely possibilities for what Eric Paddock meant to say.
First, shooter Stephen Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a country known for an illegal arms trade that in 2014 led to the arrest of a Californian Senator. Thus, is it possible Eric Paddock meant to say, “Steve was an arms dealer,” prior to cutting himself off?
Or, perhaps, he intended to say, “Steve was an army of one,” a slogan used by the U.S. Army in recruiting commercials.
You decide:   full article here

From Debbie Schlussel
Stephen Paddock Had Explosives, Bomb-Making Materials; Attn, Gun Control Idiots
Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock had a lot of explosive material and the ability to build bombs, which he was apparently planning to do. This is important evidence that gun control doesn’t work and wouldn’t have with him because, as many of my Twitter followers pointed out, those who are faced with strict gun control usually resort to bombs and running people over with vehicles. It’s also more proof that Paddock took his cue from Islamic terrorists.
Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reported:

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said they also found Tannerite, an explosive that detonates when shot by bullets. . . .
That was in Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel room. But there’s more:
In Paddock’s car, authorities found more ammunition and ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that can be used to make explosives, Mr. Lombardo said.  continue for entire article

Two from The Geller Report:
“Meticulous Planning” by Las Vegas gunman, “likely had an accomplice”: sheriff
Before he mowed down concertgoers from a perch high in a hotel tower, Stephen C. Paddock created a ring of surveillance around him, with video cameras in his suite and in the hallway, law enforcement officials said on Tuesday. But investigators were still at a loss to offer a motive for the massacre.
The cameras — apparently intended to warn of approaching threats — along with the 23 guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and other equipment found in the gunman’s hotel suite, suggested a thought-out plan to have plenty of time to wreak carnage while holding the police at bay....
The police have found a total of 47 firearms in his two houses and his hotel suite. Jill A. Snyder, the special agent in charge of the San Francisco office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said that almost all had been traced, and that they had been bought in Nevada, Utah, California and Texas.
Leaked photos that showed parts of the scene inside and outside the hotel suite, including Mr. Paddock’s body, his rifles and spent ammunition shells on the floor, began circulating online Tuesday.
“What I can tell you is I’m very troubled by it,” Sheriff Lombardo said of the leaks, which his agency was investigating.  entire article with much information and photos
 Las Vegas Attacker Tried to Blow Up Massive Aviation Fuel Tanks

This is terrorism. No question.
Imagine if those fuel tanks blew. Paddock would have blown up the city. The Las Vegas sheriff said that Paddock could not have done this alone.
Meticulous Planning…
Las Vegas Strip mass murderer Stephen Paddock used his Mandalay Bay hotel room to spray massive aviation fuel tanks with bullets Sunday night, a knowledgeable source told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The bullets left holes, but did not penetrate the two circular white tanks, sparing the nearby Route 91 Harvest country music festival from a potentially massive explosion, the source said Wednesday.
Within the past couple of days, construction crews repaired and painted the holes, and FBI agents inspected the tanks and took measurements of the line of fire from Mandalay Bay, the source said. (Review Journal)
Paddock, a 64-year-old Mesquite resident, had broken two windows in his 32nd-floor suite — one in line with the concert site and the other with a direct view of the fuel tanks, the source said. The bases of private aircraft operators are close to the tanks.
much more here

Some interesting speculations, unproven as yet, but do contain grains of truth:

Let's Do The Math - Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: 'Dead Patsy's Tell No Tales'
"Keep in mind, the definition of a false flag does not mean that the incident never happened. It means blame is being shifted to someone else for the atrocity. False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities." Mac Slavo - SHTFPlan
Let’s Do the Math.
More will leak out in the coming days and weeks; all of it will be ignored or denounced by the media. People will investigate to see if the stated number of wounded actually arrived at area hospitals, for example. And, of course, heterosexual White males are the favorite whipping boys of the elites (most of whom are White males), but elderly White males almost never shoot anyone, and no motive has yet been invented for the patsy, who was apparently shot dead by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (according to one account…the story keeps changing) before he could talk.
The misnamed HRT, by the way, were the brave “heroes” at Waco. But I want to talk about one simple fact: it is impossible for one man, even with multiple full auto weapons, to hit nearly 600 people. Not difficult…impossible, rather like three steel-framed buildings collapsing straight down in their own footprints. more speculation here

Did Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Believe That He Was Justified In Shooting Conservatives Because They ‘Deserve To Die’?
“Here’s the thing, shooting for notoriety’s sake and nothing more is a young man’s crime and this is a 64-year-old with no dramatic mental illness,” said Welner, equating Paddock with James Hodgkinson, who attempted to massacre Republican lawmakers, which would have mandated special elections to replace them.
Instead, it is almost certain that Paddock was motivated by some sort of ideology. According to Dr. Welner, this ideology made Paddock feel as though gunning down all of those innocent people was the right thing to do
“His mindset is that they deserve to die,” said Welner, referring to the shooter, “So a person who adopts a cause may be otherwise law abiding but he feels righteously justified that the end justifies the means – so we’re talking now about gun control because he committed an over the top gun crime,” he added, suggesting that Paddock was “instigating a means to end with people you’ve dehumanized.” continue here

Has Democrat-Sponsored Antifa Terrorism Just Exploded In America? ALL Blood Of The Innocent Spilled By Antifa Is On The Hands Of The Democratic Party And The MSM Terror Apparatus
Back on September 26th, Susan Duclos reported on ANP that a recently released antifa documentary exposed Democrats and their allies as being the power behind the domestic terrorist group now threatening to terrorize Americans. As Mike Adams reported October 1st over at Natural News, undercover video of antifa members speaking privately revealed "coordinated plans to trap conservatives in 'kill zones' to be stabbed and murdered by deranged left-wing weirdos". Was the horrific shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night one such 'kill zone' and the horrific slaughter that was carried out at the Mandalay Bay a targeted assassination upon conservatives, Christians and America-loving country music fans? As Infowars reports in this brand new story and as we hear in the final video below, according to an FBI source, the Vegas shooter was found with antifa literature and photos taken in the Middle East as confirmed in this Daily Mail story.
With antifa proving THEY are fascists and totalitarian in nature by their attempts to prevent anybody who has a different viewpoint than their own warped opinions from having a 1st Amendment right to speak freely as we've seen numerous times in Berkeley, California and elsewhere all across the country, we've also been warned that Antifa are planning full-scale terrorist attacks across the country in November as Susan Duclos had earlier reported in this August of 2017 story
continue here.

The following is true. Whether Paddock was a loner (doubtful), an ISIS soldier, on an Antifa member the big name donors undoubtedly directly or indirectly funded some of his actions.
AMERICAN COUP: Big Money Donors Trying To Overthrow Trump Revealed. Here’s The List…
The Kellogg Foundation. The Ford Foundation. The Open Society Foundation. (G. Soros) The California Endowment. The Marquerite Casey Foundation. Fidelity Charitable Gift. The open borders-promoting National Immigration Law Center....
A coup took place in American in 2008. If you didn’t know that it’s simply because the Establishment Media has lied about it ever since – because it too was part of the overthrow of power.
The 2016 Election was a conscious and subconscious effort by millions of American voters to fight back. There were some who voted for Donald Trump simply because their gut informed them he was different. He was not part of the D.C. political cabal. Theirs was not a vote for a party or a specific ideology. They simply wanted to be part of saving the country.
2016 was a battle won but the war very much rages on.  entire post here

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