Monday, July 3, 2017


Having been put into FB Minimum Security Prison a Few Times, I've tried to Analyze the Do's, the Don't, the Taboos & the "Don't Even Dare To Go There" rules, implied, hidden, etched in stone, tattooed on a Monkeys Ass or hmm how shall I say this kindly, "The Liberal 10 Commandments" & let's be honest here there are more than 10, hell there are likely more than a thousand ...And truthfully "They Make Them Up On The Fly"....SURPRISE...Remember that "Old Mel Brooks" Line;"It's Good To Be King"...well enough said Liberals say & do whatever they please, crap on whatever the please & SCREW whoever & whatever they want, when they want; before or after "A Hard Days Night" drinking, snorting, blowing whatever object they wish ...Enough said I guess, you get the DRIFT I'm sure...


# 1 If you are a Christian, Conservative, Hindu, Buddhist or Indian of ANY Nationality you are BEING "Watched" by the CIA, NSA Little brother as if you carried Every Disease, broke every law & was Plotting to BRING "SANITY Back Into America"---God Knows they can't allow that....
# 2 ...If you've ever mentioned a MUSLIM in a Derogatory manner-(Stupid-filthy-Evil-Sub-Human)
# 3 ..If you ever called OBAMA an Illegal POTUS (Not American)
# 4..If you've ever called OBAMA a MUSLIM....
# 5 If you've ever called him by his middle name-"Hussein"
# 6 If you've ever called OBAMA a GAY-whatever...
# 7 If you've ever called "Michele Obama" a Transsexual
# 8 If you've ever called Michele Obama "Stupid & Ugly"
# 9 If you think & believe MARRIAGE is between a "Man & a Woman"
# 10.. If you are a Conservative Homosexual--you are in big Trouble...
# 11.. If you don't believe in Communism, Socialism & Fascism
# 12 If you believe in TELLING the TRUTH
# 13 If you Think "Political Correctness" is WRONG
# 14 If you believe that LAWS ought to be Equally Enforced (Rich or Poor)
# 15 If you think that CITIZENSHIP should be a Earned Privilege, by Immigrants
# 16 If you Think Muslims should have to pay TAXES like everyone else
# 17 If you think all the IGNORANCE we see was a LIBERAL GOAL, coming into its own
# 18 If you think that BREAKING UP Families & Family Values is TERMINAL & Intentional
# 19 If you don't believe WHITE "Old School" Americans OWE the BLACKS
# 20 If you don't think "White Privilege" is a "Death Sentence" to others & MUST STOP
# 21 If you Believe in Thinking For Yourself & Making Your Own Decisions
# 22 If you think the FLIRTING with the "Opposite Sex" is not SEXIST
# 23 If you Believe "Pedophilia" is WRONG & a SIN
# 24 If you Believe that Muslim Sharia Laws & Courts do not belong in America...
# 25 If you BELIEVE that HILLARY should be put on TRIAL like everyone else
# 26 If you believe OBAMA was the WORST POTUS in history
# 27 If you Believe George $ORO$'$ Money is Behind our Demise & Downfall
# 28 If you, me/we have ever done ANYTHING WRONG in our Past
# 29 If we aren't WILLING to KISS a LIBERALS ASS every time the FB NAZI'S want
# 30 If we won't comply & convert to their beckoning
# 31 If we Like PORK, BACON & HAM
# 32 If we still like to tell JOKES & LAUGH
# 33 If we think ABORTIONS & Harvesting the body parts is EVIL
# 34 If you Believe that GLOBAL WARMING was a CON to make guys like SOROS Richer
# 35 If you believe that Our Leaders aren't the MESSIAHS they act like
# 36 If you Believe the MEDIA isn't a MAJOR PART of the PROBLEM
# 37 If you Believe in Yourself, the Family & God despite what this Government Says
# 38 If you've ever been Loved or Been in Love, for the Right Reasons
# 39 That This Government, the Media & Social Media's all FUEL this HATE (intentionally)
# 40 That you are STILL Willing to FIGHT for your Friends, Family & your Belief in Absolute TRUTH
# 41 That you believe without a STAND," America Best Days" have passed
# 42 If you believe that LIBERALISM is "Mental Illness"
# 43 If you Believe that LIBERALISM is a "TROJAN HORSE" for ISLAM
# 44 If you believe that all the "DOG & PONY SHOWS" are just STAGED for Effect
# 45 If you Believe TRUTH is more Important than LIVING a Blatant Lie
# 46 If you BELIEVE as I do, we've been SOLD OUT
# 47 If you believe as I do, I'm tired of the BS & its time to STOP it
# 48 If you UNDERSTAND what Freedom is, you then know what we see "it Is Not"
# 49 If you believe TRUE HISTORY, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly" should be Told & Exposed
# 50..If you Under Stand the LIBERAL Myth of UTOPIA is just a reinvented 60's LSD Trip
When I get back on these SITES, my bet is MANY of us are being WATCHED like HAWKS by the NSA Little-Brothers (Hitler Youth) & it will matter not if I make a NEW Infraction on this Mythical Social Contract, when they get the URGE, NUDGE I will be back in JAIL ...I've already Committed the CRIME, because they are LITERALLY Searching MY (& others) History for past INFRACTIONS Now you see me now you don't....Now you think you see Freedom but you Don't's just Charade

 Please keep in mind, the Liberal Marxism is only DIRECTED at Christian Conservatives, they WILL NOT touch one of their OWN KIND for the “Hate Speech” STANDARDS they throw at those they “SEE AS THE ENEMY””They are Full Of Themselves aren’t they?