Monday, July 10, 2017

James Comey outed as an alpha denizen of the swamp. Will there be justice?

Wipe that hurt look off your face Jimmy
The following article verifies what many have "known" all along. Comey never acted out of concern over National security but from concern over his own backside and sheer spite.
Excerpt:... "here’s the kicker on this late-Sunday-news-dump: The FBI *itself* is rejecting Comey’s claim these memos are his own ‘personal papers’ "

More than half of Comey’s Trump memos contain classified info, officials say

Disgruntled James Comey leaked classified intel, according to multiple FBI sources. (Image: Twitter)
When you set out on a journey of petty revenge, you should start by digging two graves: Your enemy’s and your own.
Disgruntled fired FBI Director James Comey should’ve heeded this warning before leaking classified info to the left-wing media in a bid to take down President Donald Trump.
All it did was reveal Comey — an Obama appointee — to be a vindictive traitor who should never have been trusted with national security secrets.
In June, Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had a friend leak his personal memos to the New York Times shortly after being fired by Trump in May. At the time, Comey testified that he leaked the documents to defend his reputation after Trump dissed him on Twitter.

Vindictive Water Moccasin Broadcasting Classified Secrets
Comey also claimed that the memos he wrote as FBI director detailing his top-secret conversations with the president of the United States did not contain any classified information and were his personal property. Say what?

Officials who have seen the Comey memos say that is patently false, and that more than half the memos contained top-secret, classified information.
Four of the seven memos Comey wrote chronicling his conversations with President Trump contained classified intel, officials told the Hill. The documents were clearly marked by the FBI as containing information classified as both “confidential” and “secret,” the sources said.
This stunning revelation suggests James Comey was lying when he testified under oath. It also undercuts his hypocritical criticism of Hillary Clinton, whom he accused of mishandling classified intel through the use of a private email server.
It’s unclear how all this is going to shake out, but accusations of treason and perjury have been bandied about concerning Comey’s self-serving, reckless behavior.
This development could also jeopardize James Comey’s ability to profit from his leaks. In June, top New York City publishing houses aggressively courted Comey to publish the memos in the hopes that they trash President Trump.
One publishing firm even offered $10 million for the memos, and there was talk of a movie being made to cast Comey as a heroic anti-Trump martyr.
Now, instead of cashing in, blabbermouth Comey may face indictments. Or at least a federal investigation. Nice going, Jimmy!
Karma has GPS. Buh-Bye Comey.

Source: Bizpac Review

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