by Robby Bowling
Many people make the claim they want to be "Informed" but is that actually true?  I myself have my doubts about that! I mean to say "Knowing Trivial Excrement" doesn't count...The world is already full of Walking Zombies, who think they think, but they haven't had an original "Thought" for Years, if ever! And it's one thing to be LAZY & APATHETIC but if you are "Programmed" to be an IDIOT, well you'll be an IDIOT without some kind of Intervention, divine or not!

Our daily habits & routines generally shed the Light on our Life, Goals & the things we Thirst & are Passionate about...I guess in the Beginning before there was "Written Words & Texts" there were "Storytellers" that would spin the yarns, fables, fairy tale's, rhymes & anecdotal stories....Next came the books & texts (with pictures) & later we discovered radio & television....And to Glean, Learn, Surmise, Absorb with the Goal being to "Understand" well that took Time, Will-Power & Concentration! SOMETHING that seems to have disappeared in  today's World,,,

Magicians & Cons learned a long time ago the "Art Of Deception" or "Slight Of Hand Tricks"...."Now You See It, Now You Don't!" I guess you could, in fact, say "Life is a Game" being Played on Stages everywhere & at different Levels...But it is not a "FUN GAME" it is in fact "Life & Death" but few will realize or acknowledge that fact....

From the Point of Creation forward to today, there has been an "Ongoing Battle" between "Right or Wrong" or "Good & Evil" if you prefer....That is a BATTLE that we seem to be Losing at badly...Most aren't even aware of what's going on around them...All they want is Shelter, Sex & Food...And they've been HERDED like Sheep by the Politicians, the Governments, the Media & Banks into a STATE of "Perpetual Ignorance!"  And I don't need to hear the CRAP, well not everyone is a "Brain-Washed Puppet" so what? The Numbers suggest we are "Out Numbered" ...not out matched, necessarily!

If you see a "Faint Light" out in the distance is that the "Lighthouse" saying here we are? Or is it a Baited Trap, beckoning you to "Leap To Your Death?" Or could it be a "Dream State Illusion?" Have we forgotten how to "Read Between The Lines?" There is Something "Very Large" Amiss in this World & we don't even go to the TROUBLE to Question anyone about anything....No one's accountable for anything anymore....Is this just one "Big Huge Free-For-All  where "Chaos & Anarchy Reign?" Looks like it to me!

On one Level if you take a good look at the World, it would seem that the STAGE is being Set, but for what? All the Government in the World (especially Western) are going through Times where there is growing "Upheaval" from various Groups...Some of this is Race, Religion, Nationalism, Rich-Poor & even Sick or Healthy...matters not....Anarchy & Discontent are part of Every Conversation...But the Conversation is NOT about Healing, Solving or Understanding, it's about Hate, Scorn, Envy or pure unadulterated ANGER!

 If you ASSUME (I do not) that we have "Learned Leaders" that wish to do what's RIGHT for their People, then why aren't we having "Intelligent Conversations" about what ails us? It would seem obvious to me that "Division" is the Outcome, World Leaders THRIVE in times of Chaos & their "Stranglehold On Power" increases....

As a young child many of us thought & believed that as we got older, there would be a "Natural Order" for MOST (not all) to follow...We'd go to school to Learn, we'd get a Job, Build a Business, Get Married, Have a Family & your Children would repeat the Cycle, but with Better & Clearer Goals & Objectives...Wasn't that SIMPLE, was it?

The more Society drifted into "Narcissism" the more "convoluted" it got...There is no Room for "WE" when there's only "ME" to deal with....And the more we OBSESSED about Material Possessions the more our "Supreme Greed Infested Leaders" got by with....And now they are almost TOTALLY in Control...of Everything...

We have become "Callused, Indifferent, Self-Serving, Self-Righteous & Ego Driven" about EVERYTHING that doesn't really matter at all...There is No "Harmony" in the fictional "Land Of Milk & Honey" where we once spoke of Freedom as something "God Given" & we fought to keep....Now it seems the Majority of  "Ignorant Fools & Tools" want to throw it all away...For a FICTIONAL ..."Utopian Liberal Villa" where no one works, their Free Drugs, Free Booze, Free Housing, Free Food & Free Sex with anything "Dead or Alive!" .... Is this what the "AMERICAN DREAM" has become,  I don't think so?...

Many of us realize full well the extent of CORRUPTION in Washington DC....What even fewer realize is how MOST of the other countries (Europe) are intertwined together....Money, Currency  & Banks are the Common Ties that Bind us all together....What most People REFUSE to accept is how DEEPLY the Roots go...For the Most Part, the TWO-PARTY SYSTEM of politics (America) is a MYTH....Washington Dc is by & large a "Cooperation" & like every other Business it is OWNED by the BANKS....If you look at all the BANKS in Europe & America you will find the "Rothschild" Family on the Charter somewhere...Oh  Wait, no one wants to know that do they...

Those few who are paying attention realize that Government around the world have miles of files on all of us...They know pretty much everything we are & what we believe in ....And you believe for "One Second" that wouldn't include Muslims, Chinese, Russians, Iranians as well as you or me, then you are dumber than maggot feasting on yesterday's road kill...Let's face it they obviously know who the ENEMY is....It ain't the "Usual Suspects" that I just's all of US ordinary folks that have Questioned them...Face the Facts, they know, we know!

In today's world as well as history the Problems of ANY & EVERY Society are NEVER rightfully blamed on the Real Villain....There is always a "Fall Guy" that gets the blame...And sadly that's the way it goes "Most Of The Time!" Governments are just Shams or Con Games.... The Crimes are always the Same, but the "Fall Guy" always changes.... Everything we see (Coming from this government) as Truth is actually just FICTION at best....Most of it isn't even "Believable" for anyone who can still think for themselves...'

This is just a Grand Stage & Production for what I see as the Last Epic Epic Chapter of AMERICA or a New Beginning! What will this be the Beginning Of...Liberal Utopia or will it be when we  Finely say it's TIME to Correct Course & Soar again...Either way, it is going to get UGLY...Many will say this is the "End Times" & it may very well be that...But we Do Still Have SWAY & the Might of a Righteous God to guide us...War is Hell & it's coming like a Freight Train rolling down the tracks, out of control...

The Old School Types will say it's time to stand our ground , some who fell for the Con will say welcome, but most will just say it was too damn much trouble, so why bother..IGNORANCE IS A DEATH SENTENCE!

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