Sunday, July 9, 2017


by Robby Bowling
Why is it we seem to think (I wonder Ha Ha) that we are so well informed? We have our Smart Phones, our Tablets, our Lap Top computers (that we can take with us everywhere we go) & at home we have "Smart TV's & our Desktop computers...We also have 24/7 It's-Not-Really-News Services like CNN, MSNBC & FOX it tunes into & keep us amused, confused & sometimes Abused wit the same Stories! We also have 24/7 Radio that can Jabber with the Best of them...Honestly though, what do we "LEARN " when we "Tune-In & Drop-Out to Watch or Listen to the 24/7 endless hours of Blathering Rhetorical Medicated Goo?

Were we served the TRUTH from different Perspectives? Were we Entertained? Did it make you THINK (or not)? Are we all the BETTER for the Experience (or lack of it)? Was the POINT of the exercise (NEWS) to INFORM you or was it RATHER a WAY to SELL you a Preconceived Opinion & Conclusion? With that in mind did you Feel you were being told-sold the TRUTH or did you walk away from it all, shaking your Head & ASKING more Questions?

When I was a child going to SCHOOL, my mother would often ask me "What I Learned" that day...And we would often "rehash' the day...Schools in those days CENTERED their FOCUS around "Principles" rather than "OPINION"...We were being TAUGHT the fundamental Skills that it would take to Get A Job & provide for ourselves or it Provided the BACKGROUND it took to go to College...In both CASES it still centered around Proven Ideas That WORKED rather than Theory....
In those YEARS, awards & accomplishments weren't "Taken for Granted Trophies" we hung on a Wall...That is to say, there had to be SUBSTANCE or it was Worthless...Quality was the Focus, not Quantity....We were allowed to Question but we also had to be "respectful" Now don't get me wrong but while we "Perceive" that Knowledge is at our Fingertips, it is anything but!..

In today's world, we are PRIMED 24/7 with Confusion as well as Illusions & they're usually 100% Conflicting! Truthfully it's just "Rhetorical Chaos" not meant to Mean anything in this UGLY WORLD! Many of these FRAUDS would have you Believe they've SOLVED Life's Problems...The Reality is it's just the Same Old Con that been played on People since Adam & Eve....Want a Bite Of The Apple?

We are fast approaching the TIME that some would call the "End Of The Beginning" or it's "The Beginning Of The End!" "Conservative Christians" or ANYONE who Opposes the 'Rothschild Orwellian One World Government" or the "New World Order" & if I may add MUSLIMS are being TARGETED! The Liberal Progressive Communist Democrat Nazi's" want to FIRST (1st) Silence Us & then SECONDLY they plan on PUTTING us in our Place...Infer what you wish from that! But if you think it's UGLY Now, well you haven't seen ANYTHING yet...

Sometimes its seems like it's a DUMB statement to say "Rhetorically Freedom Of Speech Is DEAD" because we BELIEVE (erroneously) that we still have a "Reasonable Facsimile" of One...It's a kindred argument with a FEW people over America being a "Democracy" or a Republic"...well it is TRUE we were FOUNDED as an REPUBLIC....having said that I believe it was FRANKLIN who said this: "We Gave You A Republic, See If You Can Keep It!" Having Said That, HOW DO I BREAK THE BAD NEWS TO YOU?----WE FAILED!

We kept ELECTING (Selecting) Men for Leaders that BECAME-"Drunk With Power" & we haven't looked back or batted an eye since...Most of us in this Country don't even KNOW what our "TRUE & REAL HISTORY" is....Our Schools in AMERICA aren't EVEN in the "TOP 20" in the World...LIBERALS are Destroying all the Evidence of our PAST-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" so NO ONE will ever Find Out the TRUTH in any Shape, Form Or Fashion! We are already LIVING a Lie & we are in FACT-"Living On Borrowed Time!"

I find it EASY to say that "I Do Not Fit In With Today's America (Socialism 101) but I can "Empathetically State" I have no DESIRE to.. Didn't we all at one time have & share the Dream of a Peaceful Life? Didn't we all want to become "Part Of Something" bigger than them? Wasn't there an old Beatles line that said: "The Whole Is Greater Than The Parts?" Isn't that what Love, Family & Friendships are all about? That being said, why are we so Focused, Riveted, Obsessed & Fixate on the LIBERAL DREAM of a "Nanny State"
Where can ANYONE show me where BIG GOVERNMENT just like BIG BUSINESS is good for anyone but the "Frankenstein Monster It's become & we allowed to CONSUME everything in its Destructive Path....Why Aren't Americans aware of what's going on all around the US? Let me frame this a different way ....We should all be able to agree "LIFE IS BUT A JOURNEY!" If you are going for a long trip & Voyage you Prepare yourself for the EVENTS laid out before you as Tasks the Best you Can....You Study, you Learn, you Grow, you Show it, you Believe it, you Practice it till it becomes "Routine!" Life is, in FACT, a repetitive process & while it is TRUE that our own Experiences are the best surely does no harm to have that type of "Testament" passed down to you through Teachers, Preachers, Friends, Mentors & of course your Elders, your Parents!.I know it's simplistic but, how can you know, plan or pray for a better tomorrow, when we haven't a CLUE where we've been?

How many of you remember CASTRO'S Revolution & CUBA? How many of you were AWARE of how Dependent he was on the MEDIA (including ours) to spread his message? How well did his Dictatorship fair? Do you remember how MANY he put in PRISON (or Worse) for Opposing him, for SPEAKING OUT or for Questioning him & his Singular Vision? If you LOOK at the LIBERALS in America today & how they DEAL with's full of HATE & SCORN...They've gotten so BOLD as to WISH OPENLY for those they consider it DIE...You Put Hillary, Sanders, Warren or so other Communist "Tinker Toy" in Charge...There will be FEMA Camps pop up everywhere...You don't have to be a "Fortune Teller or Savant" to see that TRAIN rolling down the Tracks at "Light Speed!"

There is an old saying that goes something to this effect: "Prepare for the Worst & Pray For The Best" ...I believe we are just about at those "Crossroads"...Life sometimes is an Expectation Game, we best be aware of the pros & cons! Cultures & Leaders have always TREATED the People as "Sub-Servant" Cattle of Sheep that they can HERD to jump, bow, salute & force them to PAY respect to! The "Ruling Class Of Elite's, Perverts, Sociopaths have no Boundaries anymore, that is if they ever did! They Pretty well Do what they Please, when they have the URGE! The Sad Truth is "Washington DC", is the capital of ADDICTIONS..they needs a Few of us & we DO NOT NEED THEM AT ALL...They want & need a Population of "Enabler's" ...QUIT FEEDING THE MAGGOTS!
For what it's worth, the scenario we see today is the just a modern day version of what Destroyed The ROMAN & GREEK EMPIRES, many will never know that because we've Destroyed & Diluted our HISTORY to the point it's WORTHLESS....Just as our lives are becoming more & more every day as the CANCER of "Totalitarianism" finishes us off....UNLESS WE LEARN TO FIGHT, but we won't will we? Fear this Ignorant Fools HELL HOLE!

We used to call this a "Civil Society" it's anything but Civil, it's almost totally Dysfunctional - and if I may, that is EXACTLY what The Sadists inside the Gates Of Hell (Washington DC) want! Does Pretending you DON'T have an illness like CANCER Cure it...Never has before! Do people think they will just wake up one day & the NIGHTMARE will be over? You have to remember the REASON we evolved into a WELFARE STATE was to keep the CROOKS in Power...Washington DC created Addictions in every part of this Culture....Power, Money & Drugs.