by Robby Bowling
We do an awful lot of TALKING about the "Freedoms" we supposedly have, but are they Real, True or do they even Exist? And if you accept that they EXIST, then in what Form? Are they just Illusions, that "paint & reinforce the picture we've all been taught? Do they actually mean what they IMPLY? Everything has LIMITATIONS on it & Freedoms have a Starting point & a place they End....Sort of mirroring life...we are Born, we Live & then we Die! The Part we all get hung up on is the LIVING Part....Do we live a fulfilled life or didn't we? We ALL measure ourselves up against the "Achievements" of others, whether that's fair or not, we'll leave that for another day...

For me an old MUSICIAN, much of this "Journey" starts with the "ART OF COMMUNICATIONS!" That's where Parenting & Interactions with Friends comes into play! That's how we Learn. We are all "APPRENTICES" in this thing we call Life...Parents & Teachers are people we "Empowered" with the DUTY to show us the way, show us the light & do it in such a way we Desire & Crave it!...The Minstrel tells his story, it may be enchanting, it may be harsh, it may be dreamy & it can even sound like a Nightmare! But we listened & if we understood we sometimes LEARNED...

At this "Moment In Time," AMERICA is "Faltering, Failing & is overpopulated with Ignorant Fools who LISTEN to only WORDS OF HATE....They have NO "Gut Instinct" about Reality, Reason, Truth. Logic or even Learning! Learning has been replaced with TRAINING- better known as "Behavior Modification!" And this now MYTH of Living a Life of Substance has been replaced with a "Life Of Servitude"...QUALITY has been replaced with QUANTITY...I think you see where I'm taking this now...

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is actually a TERM that is Misunderstood & Taken for Granted time after time, after time! It's almost like a Magicians "Now You See It Now You Don't Game" today's version goes haywire..."Now you Hear It Now You Don't"-"You Can Speak It, But They Won't Hear It"-or "You Can Say It & Be Scorned, Harmed or Murdered For It" ..Again might I remind you, "that if we can't speak HONESTLY about what's going on around us how are we going to LEARN? If I can't be HONEST about my "Prejudices, my Fears, my Pains as well as my Aspirations" then how will we EVER Learn to live together on this DYING PLANET?

We now have SAFE ROOMS for COWARDS to hide in, we have Schools, Parents & the Media selling HATE & FEAR with every word they SPEAK, INFER, BELCH or FART....Everyone seems is living in a "Twilight Zone" type NIGHTMARE! PARDON, except for the Ignorant Fools who have no CLUE they have been fed PIG EXCREMENT... I mean, where is all this going or what is the "End Game?" Isn't it "way the hell past the time" to ask those questions?...Who are we & where the hell are we going?

At this particular moment I'm LOCKED OUT of my FACEBOOK account, this time they said I offended the Community using a MUSLIM -Slur (After the LONDON BRIDGE thing)...the quote was "If the Muzzie's were trying to Shut Down All the PUBS in England & Germany maybe Europe would have a Chance"....come on now....that's rather benign IMO....I have said many more things much worse....I don't get it, sorry!

The LIBERALS, the MEDIA & the LIBERAL Politicians have been SELLING Hate & Divide for DECADES...But now that they Lost, what they Thought WAS a 100% RIGGED ELECTION-their Barfing their Brains out, oh wait "Diarrhea" might be more appropriate! ..They got one of their "Manchurian Delusional Haters" to go after & try to KILL "Republicans" at a Baseball Practice"...He shot 4 & had a "Hit List of others"....And many in the MEDIA said "Damn" wish he had killed them all...

The point I'm making is LIBERALS can Say, Threaten & Do pretty damn well as they PLEASE & suffer NO LOSS AT ALL....Kathy Griffith, Madonna & Cher all have said they want TRUMP DEAD...they to get a Free Pass...Why do Liberals & Muslims get RIGHTS all the rest of us are denied? If we were all playing by the Same Rules, it would be different...we are not, but still ask you, what is going on here?

Could this be the "Prelude To War"- that is a "Civil War?" We have allowed LIBERALS to do to us What we would not have allowed ANY other ENEMY to do to us....And Sadly we apparently SURRENDERED before "Real Action Took Place!" It's been said, "Your Real Enemies Are Those You're Not Allowed To Criticize"...I believe that to be true..especially now..."Political Correctness" is a MARXIST term...a way to control SPEECH ....Who decides who is the Enemy, isn't that the real Question?

Most of our FREEDOMS are now Hogwash or Myth...If we aren't Free to Question & Free to Listen we're not Free at All...This is Absurd & Preposterous...AMERICA is DYING & we don't even have the ability or wherewith all to QUESTION ....Is not Allowed....I have Bad News for the Idiots out there "Liberal Utopia" is actually 'HELL in Disguise!"

All of these Impostors in Washington DC make the erroneous Claim we're FREE, sure "Free To Say What?" -"Free To Question What?" "Free to Believe What?" Pay our TAXES or go to Jail---"Do as we are Told" sounds like a Prison Encampment to me....We are on the BRINK of a "Civil War" deny it if you wish, but the reality will take care of itself eventually...We've been going through a "SOCIAL Civil War" for decades...That's where the Idiots came from...And let's add the GROWTH of Homosexuality to the list...

This is NOT the world I was born into, nor grew up in & I can only "Construe or Ascertain" that the LIBERAL Messiahs or "Satan's Little Helpers" will make damn sure we NEVER Rediscover the Old America & the Truth again....IMO they want every damn one of US that refuse to Comply to DIE....now not later...

Let's be perfectly honest here "Apparently" American Christians, Conservatives or Libertarians are NOT "Allowed" to Criticize a MUSLIM Ever & you will pay a price for being Critical of LIBERALS as well...But they can WISH us all DEAD & everyone is Perfectly Happy with that! SOUNDS CRAZY to me...YET that is what is going on...Behavior Modification & Brainwashing will equate to  our DEATH-America's Death sooner rather than later ...And so FEW see it for what it is-"OUR DEATH SPIRAL"

I guess the new American Social Media Guidelines go like this: No NEGATIVE Muslim Posts,  No NEGATIVE Liberal Posts, No NEGATIVE Gay, Lesbian or Transsexual Posts, No NEGATIVE Obama, Hillary or Sanders post, but Christians, Law abiding Citizens & Conservatives are "FAIR GAME & SPORT" with a bounty!!!!

This world, this country is being "Inherited" by a "Generation of Ignorant Useful Fools & Tools  that will SERVE at the WHELM of the "New World Order" bastards Soros/Rothschild's or the Bilderbergs ....We were not very good Stewards of the "Legacy we Inherited" were we? I am a CYNIC , yet I still believe we can OVERCOME....It starts with a Few BELIEVERS who will Sacrifice to do what is necessary...

Those who Control this WORLD & America are no different than those we Consider to be the WORST this Planet has ever seen...They do in fact deserve the FLAMES of HELL!

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