Do the actions of the Democrats threaten our Constitution?

For a party that professes to be for the welfare of the people, the Democrats' actions betray their words. They continue to push for the preceding president's goal of the "fundamental transformation of America". The American Constitution is in mortal danger.
If they succeed, the republic will fall and be under the globalist jackboot of oppression. Even if the EU completely breaks up, unlikely, it will not be enough to resist an eventual elitist takeover should America go down.
Some of the long term goals of present leftist/Democrat actions appear to be:

1. Creating anarchy by defying powers explicitly given to the federal branch
2. The weakening of the legislative branch of government thereby destroying  Constitutional checks & balances. 

3. Funding of elected officials who are, in reality, globalist elitists.

The above has been going on for decades, but the election of our former president escalated it onto heretofore unprecedented levels, because America was perceived to be ripe for the picking. Democrat/leftist/progressive actions are not just mere corruption but loyalty to the Globalist agenda and thereby the betrayal of America. And they continue.
Below are just three examples of apparent Democrat duplicity and loyalty to the  totalitarian New World Order.

Does the following make sense? The harboring of dangerous criminals is neither insane nor stupid. It bespeaks of a hidden agenda when a government turns against its own citizens.
Sanctuary Cities: Where Hypocrisy Rules NYC’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio blocks the deportation of criminal aliens by ICE.
"... while DeBlasio is all for evicting criminals from public housing to keep the residents of those housing developments safe, he determined to prevent the deportation of criminal aliens from the United States.The hypocrisy is startling. and provides evidence of Theft By Deception: The Immigration Con Game.On March 15, 2017 Newsday quoted the Speaker of the New York City Counsel in an article, NYC’s Mark-Viverito: Trump deportation plan ‘ethnic cleansing.’
The term depravity come to mind in contemplating her reckless, incendiary and outrageous allegations. Could you imagine if President Trump had said anything that even approached that insane statement?
In “Sanctuary Cities” public safety, law, reason, commonsense and morality are mere speed bumps to be overcome to create immigration anarchy..".

Are their actions indicative of hypocrisy, revenge, spite, sheer stupidity, or a hidden agenda? It is screamingly obvious that the GOP will go "nuclear" if necessary. It makes no sense. What is the real driver behind the Democrats so-called self-destructive actions. Is this what their leadership really wants? It sure looks like it. Could the goal be to change the entire legislative branch of our government, to weaken the checks and balances laid out in our constitution?
Newspaper Editorials Pan Democrats’ Attempt to Filibuster Gorsuch, Encourage Confirmation 
"Several major mainstream newspapers have published editorials encouraging President Trump's Supreme Court pick, Judge Neil Gorsuch, to be confirmed while criticizing Senate Democrats' efforts to filibuster his nomination.
Still, Senate Republicans are confident, saying they will invoke the so-called "nuclear option" to stop a filibuster and allow Gorsuch's confirmation vote to go before the full Senate. There, he is essentially guaranteed to be confirmed with Republicans holding the majority..."

Another closet elitist?
‘Populist’ VA Dem Gov Candidate Received Payment From Elite Ivy League Secret Society Yale secret society paid Perriello's honorarium, according to 2009 disclosure
"A self-styled populist Democratic candidate for the Virginia governorship received an honorarium payment from the alumni organization of an elite secret society at Yale University, according to financial disclosure forms.
Tom Perriello, a progressive who served as a representative from Virginia's 5th Congressional district from 2009 to 2010 but lost his congressional seat during the Tea Party wave, is running against Ralph Northam, the state's lieutenant governor, in June's Democratic gubernatorial primary.
Perriello attended Yale as an undergrad and again for law school and has described himself on numerous occasions as a "pragmatic populist."...
Despite his populist claims, Perriello's financial disclosure forms during his time in Congress show he was paid by a group of elites who operate in secrecy."

Do we really believe what he claims to espouse? To whom is he indebted.

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