Democrats in Glass Houses Throwing Stones

Here are just a few of the many instances of Democrat/Leftist gross duplicity.
Hypocrisy on steroids: speech and/or actions acceptable to their side is labeled egregious should the other side engage in such speech or behavior.
Doublethink: intolerance=tolerance: free expression is possible only by intolerance toward and the muzzling of all opposition.
Then we have projection: accusing their opponents of doing what they themselves do.
Enter outright lying: charging their opponents with hate speech and aggressive acts which are completely false.
And their bedrock of discourse: the outright denial of the facts, and when unable to logically defend their position, resorting to name calling and personal smears.
Excerpts from the following articles show just a few cases where apparent Democrat/Leftist delusion, denial, or outright prevarication run rampant.

The Russian straw man:
OOPS! The Sickening Truth Slips Out On CNN - Now We Know Why They Continue To Push 'The Russian Boogeyman' Theme!
The real deep Russian ties are with the democrats
By Stefan Stanford
"In the recent tweet seen screenshot below from President Donald Trump, he urges Americans to watch a Fox News story on John Podesta's ties with Russia. Reminding Americans and the world "it was Russia" stone-throwers on the left may have been living in Russia-funded glass-houses, we see now playing out in politics a classic case of psychological projection.
'Actors on the world stage' attempting to deny or downplay their own ties to Russia, casting those qualities of themselves upon President Trump, we also get ear-opening truth from CNN in the first video below that projection is now voraciously at play within the mainstream media and the 'deep state'...."

Complicit lefty MSM covering for the Obama administration:

MSM Caught Red-Handed Sitting On Bombshell Report To Protect Obama - Independent Media Exposes It And Them
By Susan Duclos
"Two bombshells in one, but only one is receiving attention and only because of the efforts and publishing of damning information by Independent Media writer Mike Cernovich, about who in the Obama administration was behind the "unmasking" of names of American citizens, incidentally collected by intelligence agencies, then disseminating it to the media, which according Rep. Trey Gowdy, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, is a felony offense.
Cernovich revealed that the name of the high level Obama administration official that ordered the "unmasking" of names of members of the Trump campaign, even before the presidential election, was Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice. That information was then widely disseminated throughout the intelligence community after Obama issued an order making it easier for intelligence agencies to share "unfiltered information" about innocent people.
The House Intelligence Committee has been investigating who "unmasked" those names, which then was disseminated widely, resulting in a number of illegal leaks to the press, with Rice's name being mentioned as one of those with the ability to request the unmasking, and Gowdy has maintained throughout that there is always a paper trail, therefore the originating source would be revealed during the investigation.
Which is exactly what happened.
The bigger bombshell, for those of us that have been watching the MSM's attempts to downplay the illegal actions taken on the part of Obama admin officials, is that at least two mainstream media sources were aware of this information, for at least a couple of days, and sat on the information in an attempt to protect the Obama administration...."

MSM decrying the Susan Rice affair as fake news:
Fake-news giants claim Susan Rice spy scandal is 'fake'
by Alicia Powe
"WASHINGTON – Is it a real story, or is it fake news?
That’s the raging debate about the exploding scandal over Susan Rice’s “unmasking” of incoming Trump administration officials when she served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser.
Despite some likening the White House use of classified leaks for political purposes to a scandal bigger than Watergate, media outlets Tuesday were shooting down – or flat-out ignoring – the blockbuster report that verified the Obama administration surveilled the Trump team.
I just published “Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials”
— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) April 3, 2017
It wasn’t to be found on the front page of the New York Times.
That outlet, instead, pushed the story to Page A16 with the headline “Trump tries to deflect Russia scrutiny, citing a crooked scheme by Obama.”
The Washington Post didn’t mention the story at all..."

Attempting to defend the indefensible:
Valerie Jarrett couldn’t have seen what was coming when she said Americans should THANK Susan Rice
"Former White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett sounded just like Susan Rice defending accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl as serving “with honor and distinction” in her defense of Rice.
Jarrett claimed that the former National Security Advisor served with the “highest integrity & character.”
“Susan [Rice] thought for her reputation and peace of mind it was important to just go out and speak the truth,” @vj44 told @ZerlinaMaxwell.
— SiriusXMPolitics (@SXMPolitics) April 5, 2017
Clip via Sirius XM Politics Twitter feed
At issue was Rice’s recent admission that she had ordered the “unmasking” of American citizens on surveillance reports — something she had denied two weeks earlier.
And that, among other things, put Rice’s “integrity and character” right on par with Bergdahl’s “honor and distinction” — it was non-existent.
Too add insult to injury, Jarrett blasted a Twitter post saying that Americans should be thanking Rice for keeping Americans safe “24-7.”
Judging from the overwhelming response Jarrett received, that didn’t sit well with most Americans.
Twitter proceeded to destroy her..."

About that gender pay gap, just two of many example:
Elizabeth Warren Goes Silent on Equal Pay Day After Free Beacon Report
BY: Brent Scher
"Warren only Democratic woman in Senate not to recognize Equal Pay DaySen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) failed to acknowledge Equal Pay Day for the first time in her Senate career after it was reported on Tuesday that women working in her Senate office earned just 71 percent of what was earned by men.
Warren has used Equal Pay Day, which fell on April 4 this year, in years past as an opportunity to speak out on the gender pay gap. Last year she took to the Senate floor to call Equal Pay Day a "national day of embarrassment" and pledged to continue her "fight" until the pay gap was erased. She gave similar statements on Equal Pay Day in 2015, 2014, and 2013, her first year in the Senate..."

Warren is not the only high profile female lefty to cheat her female employees:
The Clinton Foundation's gender pay gap worried campaign
by Jose Pagliery
"Hillary Clinton says men and women should make equal pay. But the Clinton Foundation's leadership team had an average $81,000 average gender pay gap, according to the most recent figures available. This pay gap was so wide that the Clinton campaign worried that the "huge discrepancies" would be noticed by journalists, according to internal Clinton campaign emails exposed by WikiLeaks.
The stark numbers come from the foundation's public 990 tax forms for the year 2014, which list the highest-paid employees. The Clinton Foundation identifies its top leaders, all executives with titles like CEO, director or senior adviser...." 

Speaking of money:
SPLC Repeatedly Violated Tax Exempt Status During 2016 Elections
by Pam Geller
"An immigration reform group filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service today alleging that a liberal ‘hate monitoring’ organization violated their tax-exempt status on nearly 50 occasions throughout the 2016 elections.
The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), the D.C.-based legal affiliate of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), filed the legal complaint with the IRS alleging that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization that monitors “activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists,” engaged in prohibited activities during a “flagrant, continued and intentional campaign” against Donald Trump and other Republican candidates this past election cycle..." 

 Who's to blame for urban decay:
The Curse of Violent Crime in Democrat-Run Cities
Frontpage Mag
"America's ten most dangerous cities—as measured by federal crime statistics—have one highly notable feature in common: All are led politically by Democratic mayors. Most, in fact, have been controlled by Democrats for a very long time. For example, Detroit, which in 2015 ranked as the nation's most dangerous city, has not had a Republican mayor since 1961. The second most dangerous city in 2015 was Oakland, California, a Democrat stronghold since 1977. Third was Memphis, in Democratic hands since 1991. Fourth was St. Louis, which has been led exclusively by Democratic mayors since 1949. Fifth was Cleveland, where no Republican has been mayor since 1989. Sixth was Baltimore, Democrat-led since 1967. Seventh was Milwaukee, which has elected only Democratic mayors since 1908. Eighth was Birmingham, which has been Democrat-run since 1975. Ninth was Newark, a Democrat bastion since 1933. And tenth was Kansas City, Missouri, which has not seen a Republican mayor in a quarter-century..."

The Democrats’ Self-Serving Distractions
by Kevin D. Williamson
"They’ll do anything to keep aggrieved voters from noticing which party has run America’s cities into the ground....
Pardon me for noticing, though: Who, exactly, is in charge of these cities and city agencies about which African Americans do have many legitimate complaints? Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago: Not exactly famous enclaves of conservative Republican political dominance. Because Dallas is in Texas, people sometimes forget that it is a city like any other American city, and Democrat-dominated. In Dallas, as in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit, that Democrat domination is due in great part to a black Democratic voting bloc..."

How Decades Of Democratic Rule Ruined Some Of Our Finest Cities
Investors Business Daily
"When Democrats are in control, cities tend to go soft on crime, reward cronies with public funds, establish hostile business environments, heavily tax the most productive citizens and set up fat pensions for their union friends. Simply put, theirs is a Blue State blueprint for disaster..."

 Filibuster hypocrisy:
GOP Senator Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy on Filibusters and the Supreme Court
by Onan Cocoa
"Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is about done with the Democrat Party’s pile of lies and hypocrisies. The Senator has been so upset with their recent actions that on Wednesday he stood on the Senate floor and unmasked their naked hypocrisy and partisanship with one short speech.
How did he do it?
Cotton simply used the Democrats own words against them..." 

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