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Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, Spring Of 2017 

Thank you for visiting my online office. Please fill out the form below to contact me on any state-related issue. Or, if you prefer, refer to my office information below to call or visit me. My staff and I are happy to help.


Monthly Bits: Check out your Rep: April 2017:

94th legislative District: State Representative Stan Saylor:

Check out your Reps: Representative Stanley Saylor 94th legislative district, winter 2017- Office information: District: 100 Redco Ave. Red Lion, PA 17356 / Phone 717 244 9232 or 717 382 4595 Capitol: P.O. Box 202094, Harrisburg, PA 17120 2094 Phone 717 783 6426 email ssaylor@pahousegop.com website: RepSaylor.com


Rep. Scott Perry (Facebook Page)

Monthly Bits for April 2017 Town Hall meeting at Red Lion High

A town Hall Meeting took place at Red Lion High School in March 2017. Unfortunately I could not attend. Tickets were gone the first day. Scott Perry is PA Representative to Washington. As far as I know he is the only one in PA who intervenes often with the people. Of course the people can always call his office and he’s always been at call but is unusual for a Representative to involve the public this way. I, for one, commend him for this. 

Thanks to the videos I can share with you from this meeting. I could not hear anything on the live meeting for he hardly got a chance to answer the questions I could not hear. I’m thankful that he made another video which I am also sharing, First video shows one subject where the audience agreed with him on the criminal and the victim circumstances. The meeting did end on a light note when Perry stated that no one ever agrees all the time. He doesn’t even agree with his wife all the time.

Someone in the audience shouted out, “BUT SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!” Then everyone laughs including Scott when he agrees. “Yes, she is always Right. I thought Representative Perry was very patient with the audience and I liked the way he told them that there were 400 plus attending but he represented thousands more who did agree with him. I am one.

Monthly Bits: Check out your Reps: April 2017 
Scott Perry 4th District Pennsylvania: 1207 Longworth House Office Building, Washington DC 20515 (202) 225 5836

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